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Decal Girl makes it easy to accessorize your electronics with beautiful skin decals.

Decal Girl

Decal Girl makes beautiful skins for many of our beloved electronics. If you have a design in mind you think would make a great skin, you can create your own.

They work with artists around the world and dabble in licensing with a few select brands like Disney, Mossy Oak, MotoGP, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy and more. A few years ago, they started doing cases too.

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Why I love Decal Girl:

I love to personalize my belongings and make them unique. I use my Kindle Fire a lot and purple is my favorite color. I love this Violet Tranquility skin. All of their skins come in both glossy or matte finish. I received both for the purpose of this review. I currently have the glossy on.

There are over 1000 skins for the  Amazon Kindle Fire HD 6in alone.

The skins are easy to apply, they go on like a sticker. To apply you should make sure your device is clean and does not have any dirt or oil from your fingers on it. Carefully line up the skin on your device. Skins for kindle devices have both a front and back skin. Once the skin is on your device you can wipe it clean if it gets dirty.

Skins can be easily removed to change out for a new one or to go back to the original look of the device. There is no sticky residue once you remove it. Please keep in mind that typically these are a one time use skin. Once they are removed they will probably stretch and not fit the device the correct way again. They are all reasonably priced at $14.99, so it won’t break the bank if you choose to change your skin often.

Decal Girl periodically has different coupons listed on their website to help you save as well. Be sure to check them out before you order.

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