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Define bottle was featured on shark tank. We all know we drink more water. However, let’s face it water is not exactly the most tasteful beverage to drink.  Define bottle helps with that.

Define Bottle Sport Twist Top

Features of the Define Bottle:

  • Fits in a standard cup holder

  • Attached wrist lanyard makes it easy to carry

  • Capacity: 16.9 ounces (about 500 ml)

  • Easy cleaning – the bottle comes apart in multiple places for easy access

  • Optional re-freezable base piece (purchased separately) helps keep your fruit cool

  • Strainer middle piece contains the fruit to the bottom and away from your mouth piece

  • Made from Tritan -Odorless, tasteless, and stain resistant

  • BPA-free

  • Phosphate-free

  • estrogenic-activity-free

  • androgenic-activity-free

  • I love this water bottle. I can now have fresh fruit infused water with as much or as little fruit as I want. I can also decide what flavor or flavors I want to drink. It’s also very easy to use too. 

To use:

Simply detach the bottom portion of the bottle and add the fruit you want and then reattach to the bottle. The top part you detach and fill with water, then reattach. The water will slowly fill up the chamber of fruit. When you take a sip of water it moves to the top. Each sip of water is infused with the fruit of your choice. 

Since the bottle comes apart cleaning it is a breeze. You no longer have to worry about nasty germs inside of your cup. You can change which fruit you use easily each time you refill your cup. 

They offer different bottles in different sizes. The bottle I received is the Define Bottle Sport Flip Top and it retails $29.99.

The other styles are:
Define Bottle Lite – 12 ounces retails $17
Define Bottle Twist Top – 17 ounces retails $29.99
Define Bottle Mini -7 ounces $14.99
You can also buy a set of 2 reuseable ice packs for $6 or a Crochet Carrier for $12. They offer a recipe book for $12. You can see all of their products here
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