Diamond Naturals Dog Food Review

Diamond Naturals is a national dog food chain. They make nutritious healthy food for our beloved dogs.

Dog food

Diamond Naturals is a healthy choice for feeding our furry friends. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their dog food.

My Thoughts on Diamond Naturals:

Our pets are part of the family, they just happen to have fur. Everyone is watching what we feed our families and try to feed them the healthiest foods possible. The same should be true for our furry family members. Although this review is only for their dog food, they also sell cat food as well.

I received 3 different flavors of food:

Beef Meal & Rice

Chicken & Rice 

Lamb Meal & Rice

There is no corn, wheat, or soy in either of the 3 varieties I received. They contain real meat that your dog will enjoy.  All 3 have guaranteed levels of vitamin E and selenium. The beef and lamb have Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat.

My best friends dog is Rocco. Rocco is a 2 year old chocolate lab. Rocco is somewhat of a picky eater, he doesn’t always eat what is in his dish. This could be because the baby who is 1, tends to feed him while she eats.

Rocco loved all 3 of these flavors. His favorite flavor was the lamb and rice. We usually have to remind him he has food in his dish many times before he’ll go and eat it. This was not the case with the Diamond Naturals. As soon as he took his first bite, he stayed at his bowl until it was gone. 

We loved the fact that we were able to read and understand all the ingredients in this dog food. My friend will definitely be purchasing more food for Rocco.

Connect with Diamond Naturals:

To learn more about Diamond Naturals or to purchase their food for your furry friend check them out on their website. 

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