Easy Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Store bought costumes can be expensive, save money and make your own.

The closer it gets to Halloween the more parties your friends and family are sure to have. Children love to pick out a new costume every year, so why should adults have to be stuck with the same old costume all the time? 

Have you priced how much a store bought costume is lately though? Wow! I think they are way too high priced for an outfit you will only wear for a few hours one night a year. 

I’m not a big Halloween fan, I’m a  scaredy cat. The horror often associated with Halloween freak me out. I don’t even like going into the Spirit stores that pop up all over the area in October.

Every once in awhile I’ll go to a last minute Halloween party. One of my close friends is a DJ so she works bars a lot, and my camp I live in during the summer has a Halloween party in the beginning of October every year.

Here are 2 quick and easy costumes that I’ve done.

Cereal Killer:

Cereal Killer Costume

This is a obviously a play on words. It’s cereal killer instead of serial killer. 


Individual boxes of cereal (you can use as many or as few as you wish)

Plastic spoon (works better than knife, need one spoon for each box)

Fake blood



It is very simple to make this costume. Insert the plastic spoon into the front of the box. Add some fake blood to the spoon and box. Adhere the boxes to your clothes with velcro. Instant cereal killer costume!

Identity Crisis:

Identity crisis

This costume can be called a few different things. It can be identity crisis/identity theft/split personality etc. 


Hello My Name Is Stickers



All you have to do for this costume is write a different name on the stickers. Apply them to yourself and your done, instant costume.

I hope you have a fun filled Halloween. I hope these costume ideas helped you in the search for the perfect costume this year. If you are not interested in these costumes don’t forget you can always search for some ideas on pinterest.

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  1. Your crafts are excellent to use in school!

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