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Introduce the Tooth Fairy with the Tooth Fairy Fort

Have you introduced the Tooth Fairy to your kids yet? I have been trying. My daughter is four. She’s approaching the age of losing her first tooth. So far, the Tooth Fairy just seems, well scary, to her. Dreamland’s Tooth Fairy Fort is here to help! dreamland tooth fairy fort review

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Dreamland was kind enough to send me their Tooth Fairy Fort and a Tooth Fairy Doll. The doll is not included in their Tooth Fairy Fort kit. Included in my Fairy Fort is- paint, paint brush, fort with detached roof, a Tooth Fairy book, a chest to put the tooth in, and various supplies to decorate the fort with. The decoration items included help make your Tooth Fairy Fort more woodsy. What a great concept!

I am thrilled to have the Tooth Fairy Fort to help with introducing the Tooth Fairy!

The roof comes off, allowing for the parents to easily retrieve the tooth. (Let’s be real here, our hands cannot fit through the fairy door all that easily.) It’s cool that you can put your kid’s name on the chest or the fort itself, depending on how long the name is. I think it’s a wonderful way to get the kid’s involved and have a more friendly approach to introducing the Tooth Fairy.

Most of all, my daughter is loving the Tooth Fairy Book and the Tooth Fairy Doll. Apparently, my daughter wants to wait until she has a loose a tooth to decorate her Tooth Fairy Fort. Currently, it’s on her nightstand, and she’s hoping to catch a real fairy in it. (She seems to think a Fairy will come and decorate it herself… I’ve been told, “The Fairy should do it.”) I will probably end up decorating it myself one night and surprising her because of that statement.

So far, she has lightened up on the Tooth Fairy and hasn’t been screaming about seeing the “scary” Tooth Fairy at night. (I’m still not sure what she has seen that’s made the Tooth Fairy scary, but I’ll let everyone know if I ever figure it out.) In the meantime, she’s been cuddling the doll, waiting for her first loose tooth and her first Tooth Fairy visit. Thank you Dreamland for making the Tooth Fairy more loveable and magical!

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Tooth fairy fort for everyone’s missing teeth! #learningexpress

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