Easter Surprises Story & Activity Book

Easter Surprises Story and Activity Book is a book written by Laura Derico and illustrated by Phyllis Harris. It’s a Faith that Sticks book featuring stickers, activities and more. It’s for ages 3 to 7 and 24 pages long. eastersurprises

Summary of Easter Surprises Story –

Explore Faith That Sticks books—filled with fun-to-read stories and activities that teach children about God while they are learning to read. Faith That Sticks books include stickers, discussion questions, and other activities designed to bring enjoyment and deepened learning experiences for kids.

Easter morning brings happy surprises for everyone! Counting baby animals, hide-and-seek pages, and other fun activities lead to reminders of the most important reason we celebrate Easter―Jesus rose from the dead! Let’s celebrate Easter together!

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The Easter Surprises Faith that Sticks book has stickers at the back of the book for your children’s enjoyment. It does have various short stories for Easter, celebrating life and Jesus. This book has some puzzles in it and coloring pages.

This book offers a chance for discussion, helps with counting and other aspects of reading. It is simple stories and has easy puzzles in it. The illustrations are beautiful and lively. The stickers are cute and fun to place together. You can actually create a pretty nice scene with them.

This is a very great short book perfect for young readers. The Easter Surprises children’s book would be an awesome addition to any Easter basket this year.


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