Literary Addicts Weekly Meme for the Week of February 19th


The theme of this week is –


Do you prefer ebooks or print books and why?


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Everyone has their own preference in how they read. Some only read print books. Some like ereaders but are loyal to one kind of ereader. 

I personally love to read on my tablet. Since I read on a tablet, I can use either the Amazon Kindle app or the Barnes & Noble Nook App.

I love to read on an ereader because I’m prone to eye strain.  I can increase the font size on either reading app. I can also adjust the screen brightness. 

Another benefit of an e reader is that you can store a ton of books at once. In the summer I go away a lot with limited space. All of my books can either be on my laptop or tablet. 

I also go to the doctors a lot and it’s easier to just throw my tablet in my purse and off I go. 

I don’t think it matters how you read, just as long as you do read.

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  1. Increase the font size is a huge benefit of the ereaders!

  2. You gave some great reasons why eBooks are advantageous over physical books!

  3. I’m right there with you. I love reading on my tablet.

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