EIO Kids Cups : Learning and Growing

EIO kids cups are great cups for learning and growing! Help your young children learn to drink safely from a cup with the EIO cups.


EIO glass kids cups are for healthy speech and dental development, as well as for helping them learn to drink properly from a cup. They’re BPA free and have no PVC. EIO glass cups weren’t originally USA made, but with the help of the Cuppow company, they are now!

This kids training cup is made of a glass mason jar and has a twist on cap. It’s got a slit on the inside of the lid for training kids how to use a real cup. This cup has a silicone sleeve on it to help prevent slipping out of their little hands. This training cup for kids 18 months and up, isn’t entirely spill proof. However, it does make learning how to drink from a real cup a lot less messy.


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This is a great cup for helping kids transition from bottles to cups. I, however am trying to transition from toddler cups to real cups. I probably should have started out with kids cups similar to these, but I didn’t. So training with the real cups is proving a little difficult and a lot messy. My daughter loves this cup and is taking to it rather well.

I also received a Cuppow lid, which allows a canning jar to be turned into a travel mug! Although I do not own any canning jars, this is a great idea, and I suppose I should look into some so I have a reusable travel mug for any time! These come in a few different colors and with two different mouth sizes for drinking. I recommend them for anyone on the go!

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