Eleni’s Playfully Unique Cookies

Eleni’s is a nut free bakery. One of their items they sell is the Color Me! Easter Party Gift Set.


Eleni’s takes the chore of your Easter holiday baking away from you. Their Color Me! Easter Party Gift set is totally adorable.

Since 1997, Eleni’s New York has been a must-stop at Manhattan’s iconic Chelsea Market, later followed by an expansive website, where irresistibly designed custom “Conversation Cookies TM” and other treats await for fans located around the world. Today, Eleni’s custom cookie creations are a favorite of celebrities, luxury brands, Fortune 500 companies and cookie lovers alike.

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How are these Eleni’s cookies unique?

I love these cookies. They are not only cute, but you can decorate them on your own. This is a great family activity with the kids to embrace their imagination. I can see the kids at a family Easter celebration sitting around the table decorating the cookies while the adults catch up.

Each tin contains: 21 hand-iced sugar cookies:
– 12 eggs (2.75″ x 4″)
– 9 bunny faces (3.25″ x 3.25″)
– 7 edible ink markers

If you choose, you can also order extra markers in a set of 12 or 18. This would make a decorating party more fun. More markers means more people can participate and more creativity. The markers are not only edible, they are kosher and nut free.

The markers were easy to use and do not add any extra taste to the cookies. They just made decorating a lot more fun and easier.

These Color Me! Cookies come in a reusable tin that keeps the cookies fresh for up to 2 months.

The reusable tin can store your favorite treats after these cookies are gone (which will be quickly because they are delicious) or you can store anything in it. The edible ink markers can be used on other cookies you make in the future as well.

The Elenis’s bakery is a nut free bakery! If you or a family member have a nut allergy you don’t have to worry about accidental contamination because the bakery is nut free.  They also list their ingredients on their website in case you have a different type of allergy.

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