Sep 13

Facebook Giveaways List

Looking for Facebook Giveaways? I know where some are! Check out this list for companies who have giveaways throughout the week!

*The Facebook Giveaways List is a work in progress.  If you know of any NOT on this list, please feel free to comment below so I can add it!*


list of facebook giveaways

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Monday Facebook Giveaways –

Mega Blocks

MukLuks *usually

Royal Couture Fashion

Decor Steals

Glitzy Glass *USA is welcome

Funko *often

Oriental Trading Company


Tuesday Facebook Giveaways –

ThirsTea Beverages

Royal Couture Fashion

Decor Steals

Glitzy Glass *USA is welcome

Funko *often

Wednesday Facebook Giveaways –

Wicked Whoopies

Elmer’s *Until 4PM EST


Learning Express

Royal Couture Fashion

Glitzy Glass *USA is welcome

State Theatre *LOCAL NJ*

Decor Steals

SmartLab Toys

Funko *often

Thursday Facebook Giveaways –

Edible Arrangements

Royal Couture Fashion

Glitzy Glass *USA is welcome

Decor Steals

Mrs. Fields

Funko *often

Friday Facebook Giveaways –

Royal Couture Fashion

Glitzy Glass *USA is welcome

Alex Toys

Decor Steals

Step 2

Hamilton Collection *around noon EST

S&S Worldwide

MoonRays Outdoor Living

Nu Notebooks

Little Dress Up Shop


Honeymoon Home Fashion

Park Lane Jewelry


Factory Direct Craft

Raw Revolution

Raise Your Brush

Michelin Truck Tires

Funko *often



Bar Keepers Friend

Stock N Go *around Noon EST

Forgotten Bookmarks

Physicians Formula *Noon-ish or later


Susan Furlong – Author




Farmers’ Almanac


Turkey Hill

My Friend Huggles

A&W Restaurants

Philly Pretzels

Amazon.com Movies & TV

Amazon Toys & Games

Pink Sumo


Looking for some blog giveaways and sweepstakes? I recommend Online-Sweepstakes.com and I highly recommend following Freebie Mom. FREEBIE MOM IS NOT A SCAM PAGE, however there are many out there trying to pose as her and scam her fans. (Previously Coupon Clipinista.)

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  1. Jessica Cox

    Thank you so much for this list , I saved it so I can come back I enter each day. Crossing my fingers with Christmas coming up it would be great to win something.

  2. Cami Valenzuela

    Facebook giveaways:
    -On Wednesday Squeasy Gear Facebook has one and usually pretty low entry
    -Alton Lane on Wednesday as well
    -Conair on Wednesday
    -Frangrect Direct on Wednesday
    -Pillows.com on Wednesday
    -Magic minerals on Wednesday
    -Hotel planner on Tuesday and Thursday they pick winners
    -Pink papaya on Wednesday
    -Girlfriend Galas on Wednesday
    -usually threup.com has one on Tuesday
    Hope this helps will had more when I Remeber more. 1/2 asleep now.

    1. Gina

      Thank you for the additional links. I will update the list as soon as I have time.

  3. Cami Valenzuela

    Oh and Put Me In a Story on Fridays on thier facebook

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