Fashion Friday Story – Floral Skirts

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Today is Cents of Style’s Fashion Friday. Floral patterns are all the rage right now, and we have compiled our very favorite skirts for this Friday’s deal. A skirt is an easy way to try the floral trend because there are so many different ways to style it.

Fashion Friday

The Cents of Style team is made up of mostly women. A majority of them are mothers. Some of them work out of our office and warehouse and some work remotely from home. They all work for different reasons, but their level of HUSTLE is the same. They consistently work hard to get the job done. They never give up, because that’s when good things happen. Every day.

Every Friday the company does a Fashion Friday. This week’s fashion is floral pencil skirts. I love the different styles of skirts available.

Fashion Friday

Cents of Style showed me I could wear a pencil skirt although I’m plus size.

I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I’m not really a fashionista. I’m not into the latest fashion or have any “must have” items in my wardrobe

Pencil skirts are one item I would never have dreamed of trying. I tend to hold myself back with fashion since I’m plus size. I also do not have a need to be dressed up. I work from home so I can work comfort aka my pajamas. 

In the summer time though I like to wear skirts/dresses because frankly, they are cooler than shorts and jeans. I absolutely love the floral I received. 

Personally, I paired it with a pink tank top that I had on hand. I’ll be honest I don’t own a lot of shirts to go with this yet. Being the operative word. I plan to purchase some more pink, red and white tanks to wear with this in the summer. This is great for a casual fun look, or you can spice it up with a dresser tank or blouse. 

I was surprised at how comfortable it is. When I think pencil skirts, I think of tight form fitting skirts. This skirt is elastic waist, and my husband loves how it looks on me. You can’t go wrong with any pattern you pick.

Right now you can purchase a skirt of your choice for only $19.95 plus FREE shipping. At that price, you can purchase a few of them to have on hand. Use coupon code FLORALSTORY.

Which style would you pick?

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