Favorite Christmas Memory


As we all know today is Christmas day!! It’s a day to spend with family and friends. It makes me wonder what is your favorite Christmas memory? Mine is from when I was a young child and I had what I called a “magic” Christmas tree.

My mom was a young single mother with 2 very young children, of course money was tight. My mom felt bad that she couldn’t afford to buy me a lot of expensive gifts. I was 5, and my sister was 4 months old. 

To make that Christmas special, my mom went to the 5 and dime. The 5 and dime is like our Dollar Tree stores. She had a lot of little cheap gifts wrapped up and hidden behind the chair she sat in.

When I would leave the room or my back was turned, she would put another gift under the tree. She would say look! There is another present, it must of fallen out of the tree! This went on for a few hours. I thought it was amazing and since I was a small child and didn’t know any other better, I thought the tree was magical and spitting out presents.

I thought the tree was magical for many years. Our tree was an artificial tree so every year I looked for it to happen again. Of course it never did. When I was a teenager my mom finally told me the full story of what was going on that Christmas.

I’m now in my 40’s, married with a child of my own. I still remember that Christmas and the joy I felt. 

That is what Christmas is all about. It’s about spending time with family, and making memories.

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  1. I love the story of the gift-spitting Christmas tree! That’s sweet.

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