Oct 21

Filofax Floral Refill Pack Review

Filofax sells different refills for 2017 for your Filofax planner. I love the Floral Illustrated Diary Refill.


The Filofax personal organizer had developed from a simple loose-leaf diary and notebook into an indispensable organizer and status symbol for the 80’s.

The popularity of Filofax over the past decade has naturally led many people to believe it is a relatively new concept. Yet its origins go back as far as the First World War.

[tweetthis]@filofax sells refill inserts for your planner so you can use it over and over again.[/tweetthis]

I love my Filofax planner and excited I can continue to use it.

I have previously reviewed a Filofax personal planner. This planner is my go to for all events/doctors appointments for my husband and I. We have a lot of doctors appointments since we are both suffering from chronic illnesses.

This planner has held up beautifully. It still looks brand new! I use it daily and I switch it from different purses or bags. I am excited to bring to you my review of a new refill for 2017.

Purple is my favorite color, so of course my new insert for 2017 is purple. This set has the traditional calendar pages and also extra papers for a to do list and blank pages for you to use as you wish. It’s totally customize-able.

Each month is separated by a beautiful flowery designed divider with the month listed. This set comes in personal and A5 size. My planner is in the personal size. This set is very reasonably priced at $19.99.

If you are not into floral design they do offer other designs for the refill: Stripes, Geometric, or a limited edition one.

Filofax planners are a great investment that can stand the test of time and you can use over and over again.

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Would you like to have the chance to win your own Floral Illustrated Diary Refill? Giveaway is open to US residents only and will run from midnight EST Friday October 21, 2016 to midnight EST Friday November 4, 2016.

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Filofax Diary Refill
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  1. jessica garcia

    I do i can’t live without it even though i have a smart phone i like to joint down my plans for the day week and monthly girl friends think i am crazy but this is my preferred method .

    1. Gina

      I love my paper planner because I find it’s hard to make appointments on the phone when my calendar is also on my phone! lol
      Gina recently posted…Filofax Floral Refill Pack ReviewMy Profile

  2. Karen Smith

    I currently don’t have a planner yet, but I would like to have one!!!! Thanks for the chance…

  3. Fiona N

    Currently I do not use a planner but I would love to win and use it very soon 🙂
    Thank You

  4. Jamie Williams

    No but sure do need to start.

  5. Morgan Felisia

    Thank you for the opportunity, I hope to be able to give a review on YouTube ☺️ X

    1. Gina

      I need to start doing more youtube reviews. Thanks for the reminder and good luck!

  6. Mary Cloud

    I don’t have a planner yet

  7. darla

    No, not as of right now (nor have I yet)

  8. Edye

    No, but I will get one soon.
    Edye recently posted…Making Blogger Friends 101My Profile

  9. rebecca day

    no i do not use a planner

  10. Jordan Kara Highland

    I do not currently use a planner.

  11. Lula Ruger

    I do use a planner almost time for a new one

  12. Kathy Myers http://reviewsbykathy.com 29500

    This would be great for my appointments and to keep up with blogging!

    1. Gina

      I use this one for doctors appointments for my husband and myself. I have a different one I’m going to use for blogging starting in Jan.

  13. susan smoaks

    i do some planning on my google calendar. but i do not use a planner currently i need to start.

  14. Carolyn Daley

    Yes. I have a two year planner that I write my appointments and important events in. Unfortunately, I need a new one soon because mine only goes through December of this year. I had to use the last page that has notes to write down things coming up in January.

  15. Carolyn Daley

    I did a non-giveaway comment on your 8 Easy & Healthy breakfast ideas. =)

  16. Jennifer H.

    I am not using one right now.

  17. John H.

    No, I don’t

  18. Tracy Shafer

    Yes, I always use a planner

  19. T. cryder

    I don’t have one myself, but my fiance does. She seems to love it.

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