FilterSnap makes it easy to change your furnace filter.

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Filtersnap is a company that delivers new air filters to your home every 3 months. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of one of their filters.

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Product Description

Quality Frame. By using a 2-part, heavy duty cardboard frame that is glued together, our filters will stay put, and will be a breeze to install and remove. We also include a cardboard grid on both sides as well as a supporting metal grid that is glued to the filter media for added rigidity.

More Pleats. A little extra filter media means that you get more pleats, and more surface area to trap pollutants. Our filter will truly perform for its expected lifecycle without making your system work harder.

My Review:

I live in apartment building, every year the maintaince department will bring a new air filter. I was shocked to find out it should be changed every 3 months! This is highly important if anyone in your family has allergies or asthma. My daughter suffers from both and I run my air conditioning a lot in the Spring/Summer so that she can breathe easier.

I love the convince of having a new filter delivered straight to your home. You no longer have to remember when it’s time to change the filter. If one arrives at the house, it’s time to change it. That is very convienent.

I noticed the air in my apartment was cleaner and easier to breathe when I started to use the FilterSnap filter. I will look into this service for myself and not rely on my landlord to replace the air filters on time.

FilterSnap offers three different kinds of filters:

Basic: The Basic filter takes care of the big stuff. Perfect if you have no allergy sufferers, are non-smokers, and your filter is not located in the garage.
Standard: The Standard filter handles the big stuff, plus some of the smaller particles. Great if you have smokers, multiple pets, or family members with minor allergies.

Ultimate: The Ultimate filter is Great Wall of China of air filters. Even the smallest dirt particles will meet their match with this filter. This is the best choice if you have family members that suffer from major allergies or asthma.

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