Product Review: Finders Keepers Creations

Floating charm lockets are a great way to show off your individual style and interests.

Custom Floating Locket


Finders Keepers Creations sells many different items you can personalize. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of the custom floating locket.

My Thoughts About the Custom Floating Locket:

I’ve always loved to be unique and customize anything that I possibly can. This locket makes it easy to do that. There is a long list of charms to pick from and you get to pick 3 of them. My locket has 2 interlocking pink hearts, the word love, and the infinity symbol. This locket is very affordable at only $29.99.

Like I said there are a lot of different charms to pick from.  I think since the price is so reasonable you can purchase a few of them with different themes. It was very hard to decide what charms I’d like to have in a locket. The locket shape comes in either a circle or heart.

Paracord is very popular right now. You can purchase a few different products that made with this popular and durable cord.

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To learn more about the custom floating locket or to purchase your own check them out on their website.

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