FlipaZoo: The Toy That Flips For You! Review

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Does your kid love stuffed animals? My daughter is addicted to hers. She always uses them in play. She’s got a great imagination and now FlipaZoo expands her imagination a little further! Flipazoo plush are great for active pretend play! They flip from one animal into another!

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I received the Tiger and Elephant Flipazoo for review. There’s many others, but this one is a great combination for my daughter! Her favorite animal is the elephant, so this Flipazoo plush works best for her. Now the Flipazoo cannot flip itself. You need to just turn over the plush, pull out the head and fold the back over the head of the other. It’s really easy. My four year old can do it without any issues.

She loves pretending the elephant is eating the tiger. It’s rather funny to me. She includes the Flipazoo in all her pretend games, which is basically everything. My daughter really loves to talk, so she often has story time using her stuffed animals. (With stories that she personally makes up.) It’s really amusing and I love Jay at Play for making this one. They make some of the best plush toys, in my opinion.

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What other combinations of FlipaZoos are available?

Flipazoo has a Husky and Polar bear, Unicorn and Dragon (so adorable, I may be buying this one), Cat and Mouse, Hippo and Giraffe, Hedgehog and Turtle combinations. These are available in three different sizes, made by Jay at Play. Flipazoo is available in Walmart stores starting TODAY! I truly hope you check them out as they’re super fun! We love our Flipazoo Elephant and Tiger plush. It’s probably my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal. Don’t leave yet, there’s a giveaway to enter!

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