Review: One maxi dress, that can be worn 5 different ways.

It’s summertime and we all want to freshen up our wardrobe but do not always have the money to fully do so. The Flora Florida’s Women 5 Use Cotton Convertible Twist Wrap Maxi Beach Dress helps with this issue.

maxi dress

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Maxi dresses are in style now and oh so comfortable. This is probably why they are so popular. This particular dress can be worn 5 different ways. It’s suitable for beach, cocktail, party, casual etc.

It comes in 5 different sizes (small to 2XL)

Small: Length 113cm ,waist in flat 58cm,waist in stretchy 65cm

Medium: Length 115cm,waist in flat 60cm,waist in stretchy 75cm

Large: Length 117cm,Waist in flat 62cm,Waist in stretchy 85cm

XL: Length 119cm,Waist in flat 64cm,Waist in stretchy 95cm

2XL:Length 121cm,Waist in flat 66cm,Waist in stretchy 105cm

It is suggested you choose a white bra as close to the shade of the dress as you can to match. There is a wide opening at the cleavage line depending on how well endowed you are. You can find different ways to wear the dress by searching on YouTube or Google. The dress is made out of high quality cotton with super soft, comfortable and breathable.

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I love maxi dresses:

When the weather starts to heat up I look forward to wearing my maxi dresses. They are extremely comfortable and they help to hide the flaws I don’t like about my body (my husband finds no flaws). Not only are they comfortable, they are light weight on a hot summer’s day with their breathable material.

This maxi dress from Flora Florida is unique. It can be worn 5 different ways! This helps save money on your budget and saves closet space. It also helps create a new fun look instead of always wearing the standard tank style straps.

For my review I received the 2XL size which is my normal size. The listing says it’s true to American size but this dress is kind of snug on my hips. I will wear this around the house but I wouldn’t wear it out due to this. I don’t like snug clothing since I am plus size.

The material is soft and comfortable though. It is fun to find new ways to wear this dress. This is the perfect sundress to wear if you get sunburn on your shoulders since you can wear it like a halter top.

The possible ways to wear this and occasions are endless. This is a great dress to add to your collection and a great value at only $24.99 and available on Amazon. It’s also available for Amazon Prime so you can get it in only 2 days!

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