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If you work outside in the summer Forever Cool will be your best friend.

Live Lively, Forever cool

Forever Cool is a yoga towel that instantly lowers the temperature of your skin. You will quickly feel the dramatic difference as it cools you off. Soon it will be the only thing you reach for when needing to cool down or helpwith those pesky migraines. Whether you’re doing yard work, yoga or just about anything in between, Forever Cool is your savior.

When wet the sports towel’s advanced cooling fabric activates, it cools to around 30° below average body temperature and stays that way for up to 4 hours.

You can easily carry or store cooling towel in it’s own special, convenient and hygienic plastic container. It’s the perfect yoga towel for all body types!

The anti-bacterial treatment to reduce odors/prevent molding-environmental-friendly PVA material and 100% non-toxic.  It is a highly absorbent fabric absorbs water and wicks away sweat leaving you a refreshing and cooling feeling.

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Here is why I love the Forever Cool.

My husband is a contractor and there are times he’s working in extreme heat. If he’s lifting heavy supplies he’ll obviously start to get over heated and sweat more.

This towel is perfect for him. He can simply wet the towel, put it around his neck or on his head under his hat and stay nice and cool.

This is very easy to use. To activate you run it under water until it’s very pliable, wring it out, snap it and it’s ready for use. It’s even machine washable. There is a plastic antibacterial carrying case for it as well.

Unlike cloth towels, these keep your skin & clothes dry! Lasts for 3+ hours before wetting again! The fact that it can keep you cool for so long before needing wet again is a great advantage for my husband. Sometimes there is not running water on a job site or he doesn’t have time to stop and rewet it.

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