Aug 10

Fracture will change the way you think about photo printing.

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Fractures are different from traditional pictures and frames. Instead of printing on paper, we print directly on glass. Instead of separating the picture, frame, and mount, a Fracture combines all three into a beautiful, lasting, final product.

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Fracture is a photo decor company that is changing the way people print and display their personal digital photos. We sell a one-piece picture & frame made from printed glass, which we call a “fracture”.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between taking your photos and getting them on your wall, and our product is giving people a reason to get excited about photo printing again.

I love my Fracture photos.

I am a former scrapbooker but I still love to take a bunch of family photos. For the purpose of this review I had printed up a photo of my husband and myself, and one of my husband with the daughter of a close family friend. (It was hard to get a good picture of a picture of a picture for the purpose of this review.) It is absolutely stunning the way these pictures came out. Fractures are different from traditional pictures and frames.

Instead of printing on paper, they print directly on glass.

Instead of separating the picture, frame, and mount, a Fracture combines all three into a beautiful, lasting, final product. Their website is easy to use. I simply uploaded the pictures I wanted, chose the sizes I wanted and received my order very quickly. My husband loved them and hung them up instantly. They are on the wall above our couch in the living room. We can see them every time we enter the room and especially the house given how our apartment is laid out.

Glass prints in five 4:3 ratio sizes and three square sizes. Fracture uses environmentally-friendly packaging. Every Fracture comes with a Happiness Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

Right now until August 19th you can save 15% off your order using the code “SUMMER”. It’s a great way to print out your favorite pictures from this summer.

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  1. Lisa Garland

    I do! My new granddaughter with my daughter and son in law!

  2. Lisa Garland

    Glass was my secret word.

  3. jennifer aguero

    I would love to have a frame to hang our family photos in.

  4. Teela

    I do have a picture in mind.

  5. Brianna B.

    Yes, a picture of all my children together for a nice family photo!

  6. Brianna B.

    Todays secret word is : Glass

  7. McKim

    I would use a picture of my son and his K-9.

  8. Kelly D

    Yes I would use a picture of my 2 kids that we took at the beach.

  9. Robin

    Yes! I have a photo of my family that I adore so much I can’t help but stare at it everytime I see it!

  10. Ashley C

    Yes. We took a beautiful picture while hiking in the mountains this year and it would be great for this!

  11. Laura

    I have a few photos in mind for this of our family!

  12. Laura

    The secret word is “family”.

  13. Cynthia C

    I have a vintage picture I’ve been wanting to do something special with.

  14. Cynthia C

    Secret Word – family

  15. Kim Niland

    Yes, I have the perfect photo in mind for this.

  16. Kim Niland

    Family is today’s secret word

  17. Christina Sparks

    Yes, i would use a picture of me and my husband on horseback.

  18. Christina Sparks

    Today secret word is family.

  19. Natalie

    I would love to use a photo of my family that was taken at my brother’s wedding.

  20. Natalie

    Family is the secret word of the day.

  21. Arielle

    I’m getting married in December, so I would probably wait to use one of my photos from the wedding.

  22. Justin Sparks

    My favorite photo would be this past Fathers Day

  23. jeremy mclaughlin

    Yes I have a picture to use.

  24. Alexander

    I have the perfect picture! My daughter and my 3 beautiful grandchildren at Disney!

  25. LaTanya

    yes, I do

  26. LaTanya

    family secret word

  27. Jenny S

    I’d do one of our wedding pics!

  28. Carrie Messer

    I have a photo of my kids I would love to do this with!

  29. Carrie Messer

    The secret word is family

  30. brittany marie thompson

    Yes I think our wedding party photo would be perfect for this!

  31. Jenna Hudson

    I would do my engagement picture!

  32. Jenna Hudson

    Todays secret word is memories!

  33. Brittney House

    I would love to use the photo we took at our family reunion with all of us.

  34. Shayna Brookman


  35. Kristen

    Yes, I have one in mind.

  36. Kristen

    The word is memories.

  37. Laurie Nykaza


  38. LeAnn Harbert

    I have a granddaughter due soon and I will give this to my son.

  39. LeAnn Harbert


  40. Stephanie Phelps

    I have a picture of my son and his family in mind for this great picture !

  41. Stephanie Phelps

    photos is the secret word of the day!

  42. jill

    I have a favorite picture of my pup that I would love to have done!

  43. Cami Valenzuela

    I do.. a family phototherapy from our last vacation

  44. Cami Valenzuela

    Secret word: glass

  45. Sara Theissen

    Yes! One of my wedding photos

  46. Sara Theissen

    Secret word today is Glass

  47. Jean

    would love to do a picture of my boys

  48. Stephanie Liske

    I have tons of pictures that would be good for this.

  49. LeAnn Harbert


  50. Susan Chester

    I have a new grandson, so I would like to use a picture of him. He’s adorable!

  51. Susan Chester


  52. Rachel Freer

    I would use my mom and dad’s wedding photo.

  53. susan smoaks

    yes i have a picture in mind. it’s my favorite.

  54. Kobi Hensley

    Yes, I have the perfect photo. It would be of my dad who recently passed.

  55. Kobi Hensley

    Secret word is “fracture”

  56. Lori Walker

    Yes I have a nice photo in mind – one of us all together a few years ago.

  57. Lisa V.

    We got some good shots on our summer vacation.

  58. Kimmy Ripley

    I would love our family photo from Mother’s Day printed on glass!

  59. Elizabeth H.

    We have some good pictures of the family.

  60. Danielle Magee

    Yes, I have a family photo from our cruise I would love to use.

  61. jaimeb

    Yes I would use my favorite picture of my 3 children.

  62. Jennifer H.

    Yes I have a pic in mind.

  63. John H.

    Yes we do

  64. Heather D

    I have a family photo (with our furry kids included) that would be perfect!

  65. Allyson becker

    Not sure yet. Still pondering that one.

  66. Janine Hwang

    Yes! I’d love to put a photo of my kids on glass! How cool!

  67. Lynn

    I have several photo’s however our wedding picture comes to mind!

  68. laurie murley

    yes I do have a family photo I would love to use for this

  69. Michelle H.

    I do have a family photo in mind for this!

  70. cindy peterson

    Yes, a picture of all of us together at the Fiesta Bowl.

  71. Vikki Billings

    I do, its a picture of my daughter and her family. I would love to give it to her as a wedding gift.

  72. Trisha McKee

    I do have a photo in mind. It is of me and my daughter on our way to the beach. We love road trips and you can see the happiness radiating from us.

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