FramedArt sells affordable wall hangings.

Are you looking to decorate your walls? FramedArt has a lot of great wall hangings to choose from.


Whether you have a particular style, subject, artist, color scheme or room in mind, they have multiple ways for you to browse, filter and explore to find the art you need exactly what you need.

FramedArt has over 175,000 prints available. They continue to increase their products available by bringing in new artists, styles and artwork each and every day.

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FramedArt makes it easy for me to decorate.

I am not exactly “Betty Homemaker”. My decorating style could be best described as “hodge podge”. If I like it, I buy it. I don’t stop to think if it fits the other items in the house.

I can pick a color I love (Either blue or purple) and search for wall hangings that way. I can also pick which room it’s for. This is my second review for FramedArt.  Both are in my living room and both have blue in them.

You even have the option of picking the frame color you would like.

This time around I reviewed the Coastal Inspiration VII by Beth Anne Creative. I fell in love instantly with the phrase on this. It’s so simple but so elegant and is a great phrase for anyone. The phrase is “life is a journey not a destination”.

I have both of these on the living room wall above my couch. I love seeing them when I walk into the house everyday.  I plan to buy more for other rooms in my house. My bedroom needs something on the walls badly.

If you sign up for FramedArt’s newsletter you can get an instant 5% off of your order. Right now for a limited time all of their products are 50% off.

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