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Dusting is a boring but necessary chore. Full circle makes that chore easier. I’m happy to bring you a review of their Dust Whisperer.

About Full Circle:

Full Circle is the result of a vision shared by a group of friends: a brand that balances style, function, sustainability and affordability in every single product.  Being advocates of greener lifestyles ourselves; we were constantly dissatisfied with the poor selection of quality green goods on the market. This is why we strive to create products that are of superior design and creativity, combined with eco-friendly materials and functional efficacy. The name Full Circle comes from our philosophy that a product’s life cycle should be cyclical rather than linear. Products made from materials that come from the earth can have long, functional lives, and then return from where they came, rather than collecting in a landfill. 

Dust Whisperer  Filament Microfiber Duster

Product Description:

Your bookshelves and baseboards may be dust collectors, but they’re no match for this microfiber duster.  A long flexible handle makes it easy to reach tricky places, and dust almost magically sticks to the filament microfibers, which can reach into even the tiniest spots.  Dusting made so easy, it’s almost supernatural.

• Acts like a magnet to collect dust
• Removable and washable
• Flexible for hard to reach places
• Fine fibers clean even the smallest
nooks & crannies
• Hangs for easy storage
• Additional microfiber covers also sold separately

My Review:

Dusting is a boring chore that often gets over looked. It needs to be done though to have a healthy home. Dust is full of allergens that can make someone with allergies or asthma worse. The trick is to dust in a way that the particles don’t fly around in the air.

Everyone in my household has various different medical concerns. We try very hard to keep to keep our house super clean and the air healthy. This duster has been a big help with that. The dust clings to it like magic and makes dusting quick and efficient. 

I love that the microfiber pad is removable and washable. The handle is long enough that even if you are on the shorter side, you can reach high spots on the walls or furniture. The only thing I wish is that it was a tad bit more flexible for those really small tight spots.

This works great for my entertainment center that is a dust magnet. We can dust the shelves and television with easy now. I highly recommend this duster for every household.

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  1. I need one of these! This would make dusting my house so much easier especially for the high hard to reach places.

  2. Jill Jacoby says:

    I really like they are making user friendly recycleable house hold products. I would much rather throw it in the washing machine than keep buying disposable covers. I will keep my eye out for Full Circle products.

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