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Are you looking for new games to play with your kids? Look no further! Funnybone Toys has three awesome games your kids will love! Juxtabo, Anaxi and Spirot are great games allowing you to think and have fun! anaxi review, juxtabo review, spirot review

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My favorite game in this bundle is Anaxi. Anaxi is a word game that has 75 cards. Three of them are put together and you have to think of something that fits ALL three characteristics. This game is for ages 8 and up. It can be a little hard, so you may want to team up with your kids. It’s great at forcing your brains to get creative! All players are trying to make the most connections and come up with the most unique answers as to what has all three traits. This can be persons, places or things. The person who has the most points at the end of five rounds wins!

Spirot is a game I really didn’t understand. It’s an art sequencing game with a dash of pixels and a splash of color. Players stack Spirot Cards onto the corresponding photographic Board Cards and create rows of sequences to win points. A sequence consists of three cards in a row that have one of four combinations:

  1.  same color and same pixel pattern
  2.  same color and different pixel patterns
  3.  different colors and same pixel pattern
  4.  different colors and different pixel patterns.

The first player with five points wins. I am horrible at recognizing the patterns, but my nieces seem to be rather good at it. They love seeing how quick they can find them. They really enjoy this game and I love watching them play it. It’s for ages six and up, but the teens love it. I’m adding a YouTube video below so that you can better understand this one!

Funnybone’s Juxtabo is super fun, colorful and unique!

Juxtabo is for ages 6 and up, but again my nieces love it. This game requires a bunch of different skills from other games you may play regularly, like chess or checkers. You can make a 4 x 4 board or one as big as 6 x 6, just using the Juxtabo pieces on a flat surface. Just draw challenge cards and try to find or make the pattern. You can add to the pattern by matching like colors. The winner of the game is the one with all the cards at the end! This is an awesome game that can go on for awhile, but my girls love it. I enjoy playing this one as much as they do because I tend to be a strategist in my games. This game requires that critical thinking, skills and luck.

Funnybone Toys truly has created an entire game line that is fun for all. If you are looking for new games to add to your family game night, I recommend you check them out!


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  1. I love Bingo game 🙂
    Thank You for the chance

  2. louise croft says:

    yes please…..thank you

  3. The Juxtabo game looks and sounds like fun.

  4. Melissa Marcum says:

    I would love to try out Anaxi with the family, thanks for the chance

  5. Heidi Payton-Holstein says:

    spectra cube looks super fun…….lol but then they all do
    Thanks for the raffle

  6. Saundra Bowers says:

    The Juxtabo game.

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