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Gifted Custom Art is a unique product for art lovers.

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Are you looking for a unique gift? Look no further than Gifted Custom Art. You can turn a favorite picture into a paint by number.

Gifted Custom Art

Photomatic by Gifted Custom Art is the first software in the world that makes it possible to scale custom art on demand at a price you choose (and that your customers can afford).

Photomatic automates the conversion of photos (portraits, landscapes, logos and more) into print-ready images, turning any product into a custom one. Simply integrate the Photomatic API, and your customers can print their original photo or convert their photo into an outline, sketch, numbered image and more to be printed on any substrate – like wood, canvas, fabrics, ceramics, decals & more.

Gifted Custom Art is great for any art fan that doesn’t have the talent, like me.

As an ex-scrapbooker, I love to create things. However, painting has never been my strong suit. Thanks to Gifted Custom Art that was no problem. They turned one of my favorite pictures of my husband into a beautiful work of art.

I submitted the photo I wanted to use and chose the color palette. These are the colors you can choose from:

Gifted Custom Art

I chose the purple since purple is my favorite color. My husband isn’t that thrilled to be purple but he’s glad I love it. I have the painting hanging on my wall in my office. This is the pictures I submitted:

Gifted Custom Art

And here is the end result:

Gifted Custom Art

Everything you need to complete the painting is included: paints, paint brushes, and even an apron to protect your clothing. The box itself can be used as an easel for painting and display afterward. I personally preferred to not use the box as an easel. 

I thought it would be difficult to paint this as some areas are very small. However, that is not the case with proper lighting. If you use a bright light, you’ll be able to see the areas. I would recommend picking a photo that the subject is wearing a plain colored shirt, or you could just paint it all one color as I did. There is even paint in all 5 colors left for any other art project I wish to do!

This would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for the artist in your life. What better present than a handpainted picture of yourself or them? No one has to know it’s a paint by number. 

What picture would turn into a paint by number?

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