Scrapbook Saturday: Give Me A Kiss

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I can’t believe it’s Saturday again already! Time is flying by. Since it is is Saturday, that means it’s Scrapbook Saturday and time to share a new layout page. Here is a list of my previous pages:

Monkey Love

Chalk Talk


Today’s page is titled “Give Me A Kiss”



Give Me a Kiss

PP: Paper Pizazz bright tints yellow gingham and slab 
CS: unknown 
Letter stencil 
icecream cone wishblade file 

Journaling: You are always being silly. We walked to the store one day & you got an icecream cone. You purposely spread icecream all over your mouth. When we got home you asked Nana if she wanted a kiss. She declined at that exact moment. Such a silly girl. 
5-12-07 Age 11


I remember this day. My daughter was giggling from the time she thought of the idea until the time she asked Nana for a kiss. Everyone scrapbooks differently. Some people only do special events and holidays. Some do everyday event but not holidays. Personally I scrapbook everything! Sometimes my daughter is like “really mom? You are going to scrapbook this?” then there are times where she asks me “You are bringing your camera right?”



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