Feb 22

Glasstic water bottle will be the last water bottle you’ll need.

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The Glasstic water bottle makes it easy to design your own water bottle. Perfect for the upcoming warm weather when you are on the go.

Glasstic Water Bottle

Glasstic® began creating innovative products that focus on reusability, recyclability, quality materials along with a relentless commitment to satisfy our customers in 2011.  The Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle is the first of its kind, and they are the only water bottle company that they are aware of that guarantees its product with a FREE lifetime parts replacement…we do this to encourage reuse and conservation! Not only is it shatterproof it’s also a fully custom water bottle

I absolutely love my Glasstic water bottle I was able to customize.

I have an obsession with water bottles. I have had an obsession with finding the perfect water bottle, and I finally found it.

I love that I was able to customize my water bottle. The process to do so was super easy. I chose to use my blog header to help advertise my blog when I’m out and about. It’s self-promotion! 

I used their online design tool to create it. I made the background the same as my blog and uploaded my blog header icon. I was also able to add text. The fonts that are available to use are very limited, but it is easy to use.

Do you like infused water? This is the perfect way to infuse the water. I am not a big water drinker. Yes I know I collected water bottles but didn’t actually fill them with water. *sigh*

I love lemonade so I figured I’d try lemon infused water. I cut up some fresh lemons, added water and let it sit overnight. When I woke up and was running out the door to run errands, I had a healthy and tasty alternative to soda.

Did I mention that you can change the look of your bottle with ease? The design is actually an insert wrap you place in the bottle since it’s a double walled insulated bottle. I received a sample pack (pictured above) with other inserts to use if I decide to. One feature I love about the lid is that it locks. This helps to prevent leaks and the lid has a large loop style handle. It’s easy to hold and you can attach it to your purse or bag.

How would you design your custom water bottle?

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  1. T. Cryder

    My daughter would love this, I could change out the insert with whatever annoying cartoon she is fixated on each day. 😀

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