Glider Texting Gloves Product Review

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Are you addicted to your mobile device? Do your hands freeze in cold weather while using it outside? Glider Gloves is the answer!

Glider Gloves

Glider Gloves are the best touch screen compatible gloves for men, women and children. Touchscreen gloves, also known as texting gloves, capacitive gloves or even iPhone gloves, are gloves that allow you to interact with a screen with your gloves on so your hands stay warm. Our gloves are designed for winter use, keeping your hands protected and toasty with an amazing ability to still type and swipe your phone like normal.

Glider Gloves smartphone gloves are rated #1 in the market so beware of mass-produced typing gloves that are a dime a dozen and the price tags associated with brand name specialty gloves. Don’t compromise with an inferior performing glove that won’t keep your hands warm or look as fashionable as Glider Gloves. The company’s only focus is to ensure our touch screen gloves are fully functional, warm and innovative!

Glider Gloves are a must have in my life.

I am addicted to my electronic devices, whether it be my phone or my tablet. My husband constantly tells me to put my phone down when we are watching television together. Oops!

I rely on my phone when running errands too because I can find out exactly when the bus is due with the app my local public transportation has. I also check my email, or facebook with it to pass the time. I also read on my tablet from time to time waiting for the bus.

My hands get cold in general even in the house. I can wear these gloves in the house while working on my computer as well. That’s a bonus! These gloves are light weight but yet keep your hands warm. I keep them in my purse at all times in case I need them.

What are your favorite gloves?

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