Aug 03

Good Buddy Rawhides are on Chewy.com

Does your dog love to chew away? Mine does. I must ALWAYS have rawhides in the house, or she will gnaw away at our shoes. Chewy.com has some great rawhides and treats from various brands on their site, like Good Buddy.good buddy rawhide chewy.com review

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Good Buddy Rawhides are 100% beef and made in the USA. This is grass-fed beef and flavored with natural chicken. My dog really went crazy over the Good Buddy rawhides. She gnawed away at them happily. They must have tasted very good because she took them over her regular flavored ones. She really loved the chicken flavor. They took her a little while to get through, which is good. All the chewing on rawhides helps clean the teeth and gums.

The Good Buddy Rawhides are available on Chewy.com along with many other great treats and foods. Chewy offers the best products at good prices because our pets are like family. You should be able to afford to feed your dogs and other pets, just as well as you should your family. Chewy allows you to get what you need, delivered right to your door. However, before buying, you are able to read all the reviews and details. This allows you to find the best product for your furry friends. I believe you will find Chewy.com is the most convenient and affordable way to shop for your pets!

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  1. Sarah L

    I had a dog once who, like yours, would chew on rawhides if they were available, but on anything else if they weren’t.

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