Nov 25

Goodhangups takes out the worry of ruining your walls when you decorate.

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Do you like to hang things on your wall but are tired of damaging your wall? GoodHangups is your answer!



Hello, I’m Leslie Pierson, the founder, and creator of GoodHangups. The idea for GoodHangups came from a simple desire to create order from chaos. My 6-year-old son is creative, and making art is his passion. Like any good mom, I hated the idea of throwing his masterpieces away, but was growing frustrated with the mess they created on my refrigerator – and the damage that tape and tacks did to my walls.

Inspiration arrived. What if I could use magnets to hang his works of art on any wall in my house? I came up with the idea of removable and reusable GoodHangups MagnaStickers. We could change the pictures as often as he wanted, and I could move the MagnaStickers where I wanted without putting holes in my walls or peeling off paint. GoodHangups was born. My son now has an entire wall where he can proudly display his art and I have my fridge back for grocery and honey-do lists. (Although we sometimes use GoodHangups to post those lists right on the front door.) Even better, after extensive testing, I’ve found that GoodHangups adhere to almost any surface, even plaster and brick!

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GoodHangups is good for adults and children!

My husband and I recently converted our daughter’s old bedroom to a home office since she is grown and moved out. It took my poor husband 3 coats of paint to cover up the purple walls that were in here for 20 years. Given the time and amount of paint, I was afraid to mess up the walls to hang things up.

I watch Shark Tank a lot and seen GoodHangups featured and knew I had to reach out to them. They are the perfect solution for my walls. I can now hang up whatever I want, change it around without fear of damaging the walls.

In the above pictures, I featured an adorable picture of my nephew on his Make a Wish trip to Disney World. I can update the picture of him easily or hang anything else up instead. I came up with another great idea on how to use the GoodHangups. I attached 2 of the sticker magnets to my kitchen cabinet and can now attach my recipe to the cabinet while I’m cooking. This makes cooking a lot easier!

This is a must have for every home. How would you use GoodHangups?

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  1. Yvonne Delgado

    Thanks for this review, ever since we painted we havent wanted to hang things on the walls (posters, etc) This looks like it may be just the product we are looking for

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