The Guide to Buying Your First Freestanding Bathtub

Bathing is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that calms your inner soul. Therefore, purchasing a freestanding bathtub for your daily use is a long-term investment you make for yourself. In addition to that, it also determines the appearance of your bathroom.

When you decide on choosing a soaker tub, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind. Each type and size of freestanding bathtubs have their own pros and cons. So it’s important for you to decide on the ideal type and model which suits you. This article is all you need which provides you a simple and easy guide for you to make this important decision.

Why do you need a bathtub?

While choosing a stand alone soaking tub, the first question that comes to us is why we need a soaking bathtub? If you frowned at this weird question and thought, ‘Of course, I’d be using it bathing! What else?’ Then, you need a lot to learn about freestanding bathtubs Canada. A freestanding soaking tub can be used for several purposes such as:

  1. Showering

  2. Bathing

  3. Soaking

Showering does not require a soaking tub in the first place, but we keep it in mind that you may want to shower regularly and bathe on the weekends. For this, you would be more focused on the design and the size. If your focus is ‘cleansing’, you want a freestanding bathtub that can retain heat and is easy to clean. In the case of soaking, you must choose a large tube, for example, a deep soaker bathtub, a Japanese Ofuro.


(A Japanese Ofuro)

What size soaker tub should you choose?

This is the second question everyone faces when purchasing a household necessity.


(A two-person soaking tub)

The standard error consumers make while considering this aspect is thinking that measuring the area of the bathroom is enough to determine the perfect size of their bathtub. Think again, do you want to rip off your doors and walls while bringing the freestanding bath tub in the bathroom? No, then measure the size of your doors so that you have an idea for the maximum size. The minimum size should be your leg space and two- three feet extra. The size of the bathtub also depends on whether you are looking for a two-person or individual shower.

A two-person stand-alone soaking tub will be broader and spacious, but will take more time to fill if you are using it only for yourself, and you will not be able to get the comfortable armrests of the one person bath.

What must it look like?

Now, when we have our purpose and size down, it becomes easier to decide upon the design and the look of the deep tub.

The design determines the weight of the tub. If the bath is to be placed on an upper floor, a lightweight tub is recommended. It is advisable to keep the deep soaker bathtubs on the decks that can handle the weight. While calculating the weight the floor can take, one must not only take the weight of the container into consideration but also the weight after you are in it, and when it is filled with water.

If you want to use a free standing soaker tub deep in a regular bathing use and want a jet spray and whirlpool feature, a freestanding oval bath is recommendable. While looking at these functions, you should see to it that the design you choose has the faucet, jet spray and whirlpool at your preferable location


(A freestanding oval bathtub)

How to choose the material?

It is a challenging job to choose the material of the bathtub, but it can be made simpler by considering the pros and cons of each material and knowing what is the must have characteristic for your freestanding bathtub and which luxury you can let go of.

Now, if you intend to use the tub regularly and are a careful user, the acrylic freestanding bathtub is the best product for you, it is low maintenance, stain resistant and moderately priced but can be damaged with scratches even though the scratches can be removed if you intend to bring your shoes or other harsh items in the bathtub you should get an enamel cast ironed freestanding soaking tub. These bathtub are stain and scratch resistant and beautifully textured.

These bath tubs do not retain heat, are expensive and high maintenance, and if you are looking for a low maintenance, less expensive product, then the gel coated stand-alone tubs are your best alternative. The gel coated containers are less durable and if you want to go for the same experience with durability, moderate pricing and texture then cultured marble freestanding glass tub is your ideal match.

What is your budget?

There must be a range in your head if not the exact amount but have you considered the installation charges, the cost to build a new faucet or pipe connection?

If you intend to place your freestanding bathtub as a centre piece, you will have to consider the additional costs which can be removed if you put it under your faucet. Many sellers provide installation services at no cost but if not, you have to consider the cost of installation of massive material bath tubs. In case of light weight material like acrylic, installation is a two man job, but when buying a heavy weight material like enamel, one must consider the installation cost

When a point of satisfaction is reached after examining the significant requirements, you are ready to choose your first freestanding soaking tub for an enhanced showering experience.

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  1. These bathtubs are beautiful!! They look like they would fit beautifully in any bathroom or I could even picture one in a pool room or other room similar to that. But I am really glad that you have mentioned to check out the cost first!! I know I tend to want what I want too hastily and then regret some of my choices!
    Plus water has really taken a jump in cost! It is really sad that it comes down to $$ to even get what you NEED!!

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