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Do you like to save money shopping online? Tired of spending time searching for codes to save the most money? Enjoy earning Amazon gift cards? Dealspotr does all that!


If you have not heard of Dealspotr yet you are probably wondering what the in the heck it is. Let me start by explaining what exactly the website does.

Dealspotr is the “Wikipedia of deals” – their content is crowdsourced, meaning the 30,000 members add, edit, and police all the deals on Dealspotr to ensure the deals are accurate and complete.

They have the highest coverage and reliability of coupon codes in the industry. Due to our large and growing community, they have the best coverage of promo codes vs Retailmenot,, Groupon, or any other coupon site. They recently conducted an analysis of over 550 promo codes posted at major coupon sites to find the most reliable provider of codes.

Since launching one year ago, Dealspotr has saved shoppers over $15 million. They’re viewed by over 1 millions shoppers per month, and they’re one of the fastest-growing deal sites. 

Dealspotr is the only deal site to give you your own personal feed of deals. Similar to your Facebook news feed, you can subscribe to specific brands, topics, and people and curate a daily feed of deals personalized for you.

It’s super easy to earn gift cards using Dealspotr; it’s even reasonably easy to earn your first $10 gift card on your first few days using Dealspotr. Plus, you’re helping shoppers save money (and saving money yourself) while you’re earning. 

Now that we have the history and description down pat let’s discuss how exactly it works and how you can earn those valuable Amazon gift cards.

This is how I use Dealspotr every day.

I log into my account and check to see what my daily check list is:


Let’s do the first task together. It reads “Post or validate a state-wide promo code”. It is very easy to validate a promo listing.

On the left hand side of the screen you’ll see a list of all the types of deals posted: 


I click on “Promo codes” and find a deal that interests me. I try to find older ones that may be expiring soon but that’s my own personal preference. 

When I find a deal I want to validate, I click on the description link. For this example, we will work on the 18% off on all orders offer from Shoebuy. When I click the link this is what my screen looks like:


Copy the code “Student20” and go to the Shoebuy website. Sometimes offers are good on any order, or they have a price limit. This particular offer is off of “any order”. I try to look for a style of something I would actually purchase and add it to my cart. Each website is different on adding a promo code. Some make you enter your information in first, others do not. Shoebuy is one of the companies that do no make you enter information first. I simply add the code “Student20” to my cart and take a screen shot of it.


As you can see from the above screenshot the code saved $35.99 on my order. After I have my screenshot I head back over to Dealspotr.


On the left-hand side of the above picture, there is an arrow. When you have your screenshot of a deal you click that to validate a deal. Scroll to the bottom where it gives you options on how to validate the deal.


Since the Shoebuy code worked correctly I click “I am validating that this offer works as described”. Type in wording of your own choice. The more words/better validation tip the more points you get. Don’t forget to add your screenshot of the code working as well.

You will then get a screen telling you “Congrats! You have successfully validated this deal”. On this particular deal, I earned 49 points by just validating it


I continue to do that for all the types of deals on my daily check list. I know this sounds long and complicated to do. Trust me once you get the hang of it, you can do it very quickly. I tend to do this first thing in the morning most days while I’m still waking up. 

I’ve only been using Dealspotr since the end of December, and I’ve already earned $30 in Amazon gift cards! This is a great easy way to earn them to save up for a big purchase.

What big purchase would you save up for?

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