HABA Wooden Puzzle Butterfly Magic Review

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HABA has this adorable wooden butterfly puzzle for young children. It’s not only fun and colorful, it helps with fine motor skills.


HABA’s company philosophy is based on one simple principle: Children are the most important things in life. Instilling fundamental values, helping them become independent and develop into creative and imaginative people is not the exclusive job of the parents; children grow up in a complex network of relationships. Siblings, friends, care-givers, teachers—they all have an influence on child development. In addition to the people in their life, the environment and the objects around them play a major role in their development from the first day on.

Beautiful butterflies dance over the meadow in HABA’s Wooden Puzzle Butterfly Magic. Individual puzzle pieces are nested on top of each other into the puzzle board recesses to train fine motor skills while having fun. It also fosters early STEM learning.  For ages 1 year +.

HABA’s wooden butterfly magic puzzle is a fun nesting puzzle great for little hands. 

My youngest niece is almost 3-years-old. She quickly caught on to where each piece went but couldn’t figure out how to position them so they go in the puzzle correctly. She’ll get it with time and practice.

I love that this cute puzzle will help her her fine motor skills which are what is required to be able to do the puzzle correctly.

This puzzle helps with STEM education. STEM engages students and equips them with critical thinking, problem-solving, creative and collaborative skills, and ultimately establishes connections between the school, workplace, community and the global economy.

HABA sells a lot of different toys that are not only entertaining but also have some level of teaching along with them for young children. Their products are simple in design but are very beneficial for a child’s development.

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