Hang-O-Matic makes hanging pictures a breeze.

Do you struggle with hanging pictures up straight? Hang-O-Matic¬†helps with this. It’s a ruler and level in one! It’s a great gift for Father’s Day.


Hang-O-Matic was started after the couple that designed the product found it impossible to hang things on the wall straight. They even tragically lost a very special snow globe because of this.

This is perfect for the dad who wants to be the ultimate handyman around the house, but doesn’t necessarily need/have the skills!This all-in-one hanging tool allows you to hang any wall decor faster than the master carpenter with his fancy tools!

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Hang-O-Matic is great for more than just dad’s.

I struggle with hanging things on the wall straight. I think it’s straight when I put the nails in but once I hang the picture it’s all crocked. Kind of drives me nuts to be honest.

I love that this has a level included in it. My husband is a carpenter so he taught me how to use his levels but he has them in his tool bags at work not at home. Plus I tend to want to hang things when he’s not home.

The tape measure helps you measure and hang items up to 6 feet wide.

I can now hang things up with easy. There brackets to help you know where to line up the nails. There is a tape measure included and level. Everything is contained in one device. You essentially receive 3 items in one: Tape measure, level, and bracket maker.

Maybe you have a man in your life that is not that great with tools, not all are. This would be a great Father’s Day gift.

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  1. Rachel Turner says:

    I’m going to need one of these when we move out! lol

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