Dec 17

Hoodsbee is a hoodie and stuffed friend in one. Ends 12/31


Hoodsbee offers hoodies for children that are a hoodie and stuffed friend in one. I’m happy to bring you a review on their Anchor the shark hoodie.

About Hoodsbee:

Hoodsbee is an innovative hoodie that transforms into a plush friend or a plush friend that transforms into a hoodie. With Hoodsbee, there are so many options. This unique patented technology allows your little one to carry their travel plush buddy, put it on when it is cold, fold it back up into a plush and use it as a head pillow for when they are tired. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Fold, roll and snap! Now, not only do you have a pillow and a travel companion, but you also have a nicely wrapped up hoodie that is easy to store or travel with.

Hoodsbee was created when the design team at HLL design was trying to come up with a new kind of character hoodie jacket that could have a rolled up function into the hood.  After seeing the shape it created, they added arms, legs, eyes and ears to the hood to make it look more like a plush toy.  But it was still just a jacket rolled into the hood.  They found that by pulling the sides tightly together and fastening them in a specific spot, along with the front of the hood being fastened as well, that it kept everything nice and compact, tight and clean looking. And thus, hoodsbee was created.

Hoodsbee "Anchor the Shark" Boys Hoodie

Product Description:

Anchor the Shark is made of blue Polar Fleece with black 2×1 Cotton/spandex rib cuffs and hem band. The hood is lined with black Polar Fleece so that it is warm and soft on the inside too. The red zipper is a heavy duty, molded plastic and matches the taping around the neck for a clean look and feel.

Measurement Chart: Width (Chest) Length (Shoulder high point to hem)

Size 2t Width 13.25” Length 17.75”
Size 3t Width 13.75” Length 18.5”
Size 4t Width 14.25” Length 19.25”
Size 5 Width 14.75” Length 20”
Size 6 Width 15.25” Length 20.75”
Size 6x Width 15.75” Lenght 21.5”

Price: Was $39.99 right now it’s $29.99

My Review:

I find these hoodies absolutely adorable! Sometimes it’s hard to find cute clothing for boys but these hoodies fit the bill. The hoodie is thin enough that it can be layered but yet warm enough to keep your little one nice and warm. It is very well made as well. I can tell this will hold up over time with my rough and tough nephew.

I think it’s unique that the hoodie folds up into a stuffed friend. I can’t think of anything that is similar to that design. It’s like getting 3 items in one: hoodie, stuffed friend and a pillow. Think about it, you child can use this as a pillow when folded up. 

They sell hoodies for both boys and girls. For the purpose of my review, I reviewed the Anchor the Shark. My nephew loves this hoodie and wears it all the time. 

Here is a video of how it folds up. 


Hoodsbee was generous enough to offer one winner the chance to win a Hoodsbee hoodie of their choosing. Giveaway is open to US residents only. Giveaway runs from 12/17 to 12/31.

Hoodie Giveaway

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  1. Lindsay M

    Clobber the Monster is my favorite.

  2. Tammy

    Mimi the Fox

  3. Ashley C

    Love the Tig The Tiger Hoodsbee. It’s so cute. My younger cousin would absolutely love it.

  4. Jessica Pulido

    I would want Mimi the fox for a friends little girl. Or a paul frank for me. lol

  5. Jason Vaughn

    I like Tig the Tiger

  6. tara darity

    I would pick Milo The Owl


    Hoodsbee | Mimi the FOX !!!!

  8. McKim

    I like Eyevan the Monster.

  9. Janet W.

    I’d love to win Tig the Tiger for my grandson!

  10. Tricia G

    Clobber the monster.



  12. Sandra

    Oh, Prancy!

  13. aliesha kain

    i would love to win eyevan the three eyed monster one my son said its his favorite!

  14. aliesha k

    i would love to win eyevan the three eyed monster one.

  15. Monique Rizzo

    Milo the owl.

  16. Heather in VA

    I pick Milo the Owl for my daughter.

  17. Katherine

    Mimi the fox <3

  18. Tracy Davis

    I like Eyevan the Monster

  19. Carly D.

    I like Ribbons the monkey!

  20. Robin Abrams

    I would love the Hoodsbee “Mimi The Fox” Girls Hoodie

  21. Thomas Richard

    I like Tig, the tiger

  22. Veronica L

    My son would LOVE their Hoodsbee “Tig The Tiger” Boys Hoodie

  23. Katrina

    Clobber the monster is so cute.

  24. Kimberly

    My little girl would have loved the Hello Kitty one, but I see that is sold out. I think she’d also really like Ribbons the Monkey.

  25. wendi

    it would have to be the wresting monster! too cute

  26. Jennifer Pittman

    I would pick Anchor The Shark, or if I can I would pick the Paul Frank – for my son.

  27. Julie Matek

    Clobber is my favorite

  28. Patrycja Chudziak

    Id love Eyevan The Three-eyed Monster!

  29. Stephanie Robertson

    I would love Eyevan The Monster my son would love it too.

  30. beth shepherd

    I like the Milo The Owl

  31. Dawn Keenan

    My grandson would think that Anchor The Shark was pretty cool.

  32. Milissa

    Tig the Tiger!

  33. laura revilla

    Eyevan the Monster

  34. Carol

    I like the Hoodsbee | Milo The Owl

  35. Jessica

    I love Milo the Owl.

  36. Lisa V.

    I like Mimi the fox.

  37. Brittney House

    I would pick Milo the Owl.

  38. Sherrie C.

    My granddaughter would love Milo The Owl. Very cute 🙂

  39. Paula Hafner

    My son would love Clobber the Wrestling Monster.

  40. AndreaH

    I would love to win the Eyevan The Three-eyed Monster Hoodsbee.

  41. Erica B.

    I like Milo the Owl.

  42. melissa Resnick

    i would pick milo the owl

  43. Carol Mclemore

    I like the Tig The Tiger Hoodsbee


    I like Tig the Tiger.

  45. Melissa

    Clobber The Monster Boys Hoodie is so cool! 🙂

  46. Peggy Rydzewski

    My grand daughter would love the Milo The Owl hoodie

  47. Laura J

    Oh I would love the Hoodsbee | Anchor The Shark! Carter loves sharks! He would love wearing that! so cute!

  48. Jill Myrick

    I would love to have the Tig the Tiger Hoodie for my son.


  49. Lisa Garner

    I love the Hoodsbee “Milo The Owl” Girls Hoodie.

  50. dale rogers

    the fox

  51. Candice Hull

    My boys would like Clobber the Wrestling Monster

  52. Angela P.

    These are so adorable! They don’t come in my size?! I love Milo the Owl. My daughter would love this one. So cute.

  53. Laurie Emerson

    I love the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary one. It is adorable!

  54. liz l

    Milo The Owl

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