Hoppy Paws Makes Easter Fun

Hoppy Paws brings the fun and excitement of the Easter Bunny alive within your home.


The Hoppy Paws company was founded about a very creative mom. She would make bunny paw prints on the sidewalk outside her home for her children. Her neighbors loved the idea and asked if she purchased those paw prints. When they found out she did it on her own, they asked for her to that for them next year as well. This one idea for her family has turned into a business.

They also sell items for other holidays/occasions such as: St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Tooth Fairy, Halloween and a cute stork footprint (super cute idea for a new baby).

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Why do I love Hoppy Paws bunny paw prints?

Easter is a fun time for children. They look forward to the Easter Bunny visiting and leaving a basket and Easter egg hunts. Hoppy Paws can help make family memories and family traditions.

There are two different fun and unique products for Easter: Easter Bunny Decals and Easter Bunny stamping kit from Hoppy Paws.

The Easter Bunny Decals are over sized paw print stickers that can stick to your carpet to make it seem like the Easter bunny was in the house. Silly bunny, you should wipe your feet! These decals are easy to apply and remove they do not ruin your carpet. The actual size isĀ 4 3/8″ x 5 1/4″ and there are 12 decals per pack.

The Easter Bunny stamping kit is unique and fun. I’ve never seen a product like it. It’s a stamping set to stamp a trail of tracks on the side walk leading up to your house from the Easter bunny. The kit comes with everything you need: Easter Bunny paw print stamp, a mixing tray, and their our super secret powder (it resembles crushed up sidewalk chalk).

Both of these products are fun and bring joy and fun to your Easter celebrations. You can keep them with your holiday decorations and make it a family tradition.

If you are a fan of the television show Shark Tank, then you seen this company featured. There is currently an offer if you buy 2 items you get free shipping.

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