Review: House of Doolittle

House of Doolittle helps you stay organized with their planner and calendar.

House of doolittle planner and calendar

Shoplet sells many office supplies from different companies. House of Doolittle is one of those companies. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their planner and calendar.

My Thoughts on the House of Doolittle Planner and Calendar:

I obviously work from home with my blog. It is very important to stay organized and remember deadlines. This planner and calendar do just that. 

I love being able to see more than 1 month at a time for the calendar. There is not a lot of space to write down things you need to do on this calendar. This calendar is more for just figuring out a date. I think it would be a great calendar to use to count down to a major upcoming event like a vacation.

The planner is great for taking down notes from a meeting. I plan to use this for my blogging. There are times a company has specific requirements for a review, I can now jot down these conditions and have them in one place. I can’t tell you the amount of times I had to search through my emails to see if there were any special requests.

Shoplet really is your one stop shop online. If you are looking to buy office supplies, office furniture, or even cleaning supplies you can find them all on their website.

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