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free e-books

E-readers are a popular way to read books these days. I personally love my e-reader and don’t really read print books anymore. I’m going to try and incorporate more print books into my reading though.  

In my house is a house divided on how to read. My husband and I both love to read, we just read differently and different genres. My husband likes to read traditional print books. He says he likes to hold the book in his hands and actually turn the page not swipe it.  

The reason I like my e-reader is it’s smaller and easier to hold in my hands for long periods of time. I suffer from eye strain a lot and I can increase the font on my e-reader very easily. I can carry it in my purse for all of my doctors appointments without adding a lot of extra weight in my purse. I can carry my entire book library with me (or at least many books). 

It can get expensive to continue to buy print books to read unless you use the library or a used book store. Did you know you can find e-books for free? There are many sites out there that offer free e-books. Here are just a few that I like. They do offer deals for super cheap books along with free.

book gorilla

Bookgorilla sends out a daily email with free or extremely cheap e-books. When you first sign up you check which genres you like to read. This way you are only getting a notification of the types of books you will actually enjoy reading.

ereadingonthecheapheader2e-Reading on the cheap is another great website. They search and have a list of books that are cheap books. Their lists come directly to your email where you can go and download the books that interest you. 

I just read it

I just read it is another company that sends a list of books to your email. This one is similar to bookgorilla. This company is different however in that you can search for a book from your local library on it as well. 


Net Galley is a great website to find books if you are a reviewer. It’s free to sign up and you can find all kinds of books to read. I have not personally used this site in a long time. When I did however they had even popular authors I could choose from.

pixel inkPixel of ink was one of the first companies I knew of to get free e-books. They primarily have books for your kindle. You can get a daily e-mail as well for new books that are listed. This is a good way to keep your kindle stocked with great books to read.


Did you know that most large libraries have e-books as well? Overdrive lets you search for a local library that has e-books to borrow. You borrow the book for 3 weeks just like you would a traditional book from the library. After the lending period is over the book may still be listed on your device but it will no longer open.

Don’t forget to check on the website for your e-reader brand. I know that Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo all have free e-books you can purchase and download from their website to your device.

Please remember to leave a review for any and all books you read. It doesn’t matter if you paid for it, got it for free or from the library. Authors love and depend on their readers for feedback and reviews of their books. If you leave a review you may help someone else decide to read that book.

Now that you know of ways to get books for free, go fill up your e-reader. Happy reading! 

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