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Home-Complete sells a few different products. One of those products is an Ice Ball Maker. Gina’s Library of Review is happy to review this item.

ice ball mold maker use

I don’t know about your area but where I live, the temperature is starting to heat up. It’s a struggle to keep my drinks cold outside. I spend a lot of time outside in the late Spring/Summer.

I’m not a real big ice lover. I mean yes, it keeps your drinks cold but I don’t like how it makes my drinks taste watered down when the ice melts. This ice ball maker is the answer to my problems. It’s very easy to use and keeps my drinks color longer. The ice balls melt slower than traditional ice cubes.

Some of the features of this ice ball maker are:

– Silicone food safe material providing 4 X 2″ perfect ice ball sphere
– Leak free improved design
– FDA Approved
– Lifetime money back guarantee
– Innovative ice ball tray design releases the ice ball easily
– BPA Free
– Dishwasher Safe

Insert the side with the holes into the holder. You can then fill the holder up with water from the holes. I have also filled it with just adding water to the bottom half and then putting the top half on it. Depending on how much water you add, you can make full balls or halves as shown in the picture above.
I plan to next try to make ice tea balls. I drink a lot of ice tea all year long, especially in the summer. If you are having a party, you can even make up a bunch ahead of time and put them in a plastic bag in the freezer. It only takes 4 hours to make 4 ice balls. I think that’s pretty quick.

 You can purchase this item on Amazon and it retails $8.99. I think this is a must have item for anyone that entertains, or loves to spend time outdoors and struggles to keep their drinks cold.


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