Book Review: Inn on the Edge by Gail Bridges

By Gail Bridges

Angela and her brand-new husband Josh have just arrived at their honeymoon destination, a romantic bed-and-breakfast hotel on the breath-taking Washington coast – the Inn on the Edge.

But everything isn’t as it seems. The lessons that come free with the room aren’t for painting the lovely coastal scenery – the lessons are for better sex. Angie and Josh, shocked and titillated, immerse themselves in every sensual offering.It doesn’t take long for things to go horribly wrong. The discover that the old man running the place is a sex demon, who has been stealing their sensual energy. Worse, he’s dangerously in love with Angie and he has plans for her – plans involving an heirloom wedding ring.

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About the author

I have three grown children. I live in Seattle, Washington with my husband and our five cats.

In the past I have worked in a variety of different artistic media. I have a BFA in painting from the University of Washington, and for over fifteen years I made award-winning Fine Art Jewelry (silver and handmade ceramics) and sold my work at local and regional Fine Art and Craft shows. My business, Vivid Arts, flourished – but always, I felt driven to write. Two years ago, no longer able to deny the writing muse, I took an open-ended sabbatical from my art shows. Since then, I’ve written two novels and a number of published and unpublished short stories.

Prize for the contest.

Angie’s Travel Painting Kit

Acrylic paints, brushes, palette, canvas board and instructions;
Mr. Abiba’s Wooden “Tool” Box, for decorating;
Josh’s Magic Book, for decorating;
Tazo Passion Tea;
Dark Chocolate bar with almond bits.

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My Review:

Honeymoons are suppose to be full of love and togetherness between the newly married couple. Angela and Josh’s honeymoon was anything but that. They found themselves being held against their will and manipulated by a deranged sex demon.

In fact everyone at the Inn is. All of the guests are newlyweds. The sex demon controls their minds, their will, even their sexual desires.

At first no one knows they are being manipulated and then they slowly start to figure it out and work together to end it for once and for all…. or do they?

This book grabbed my attention from the very beginning and kept me there on the edge all the way to the end. I just *had* to know what would happen next.

Gail Bridges is a very talent author that has a way with words. Her story just flows from page to page. You don’t want to do anything but give into the story and watch it play out in your mind like a movie. A rather erotic movie but a movie non the less.

Gail has 2 other books out and I will definitely be looking for those to read. 

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