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Inspyr socks are more than just socks. They send a message as well. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review.

Inspyr Socks

About Inspry Socks:

Inspry Socks are more than just a pair of socks. They send a powerful message for not only the person wearing the socks, but for anyone that reads the socks as well. There are times when you just need a tiny pick me up in life and the messages on the socks could just be the answer.

Inspry socks come in the following styles: Crew ($8), Ankle ($12), Tall ($16) and Youth ($8 – $10). There are also some $8 designs you can purchase.

You can even design and order customized socks. The customized socks would be great for a fundraiser or for a team sport.  The customized socks are $13.50 a pair and you have to order a minimum of 24 pairs. 

My Thoughts:

These socks are great if you are looking for warm socks! They come in a funky design of a solid black background with blue splatter. The socks spell out the word “heart” on the back from the top, right to the tip of the ankle. They are a bit looser in the toe area, though. They are a bit tighter than usual socks, although these socks do not give the feeling of being itchy or scratchy.

I’m not typically a fan of socks but sometimes it’s needed to wear them. I love when socks are so comfortable you don’t know you are wearing any. These socks are exactly the kind I like to wear when socks are necessary. 

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