Review: Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum

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About Freya Skin Care:

Freya is developed by Aqua Skin Science Inc., a US based prestige skin care and nutritional supplement company with products based around patented unique active ingredients from Scandinavia. Freya is the first brand in the cosmetic industry to utilize patented technology tonano-encapsulate marine based Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as LEXA™, a never-before-seen patented ingredient shown to boost collagen production by over 600%. Aqua Skin Science’s goal is to develop and formulate the most efficacious skin care systems by leveraging partnerships with Scandinavia’s foremost biotechnology companies and research universities.

This is the second skin care product I’ve reviewed from Freya recently. I also reviewed their Arctic Cleaning Water. You can see that review here.

Anti Aging

Product Description:

Size: 30ml / 1.0 fl. oz. Item number: 103 Retails: $130

Experience the game-changing power of the LEXA™ complex in this, Freya’s most potent regenerative serum. By harnessing the best of Scandinavian BioMarine research, the Intensive Anti-Aging serum serves as an optimal tool to rebuild, restore, and revitalize skin on a cellular level. 

Freya Intensive Anti-Aging serum contains the most powerful concentration of Nano-Encapsulated Marine Omega-3, the uniquely preserved and singularly pure ingredient which allows for reduced inflammation, heightened elasticity, and visibly improved skin tone. 

Skin is supple. Radiant. Visibly transformed.


  • dramatic visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improved skin tone, reducing redness and the appearance of age spots
  • imparts an ageless radiance and luminosity

My Review:

I am just starting to really care for my skin. I know, I should of long before now. I figure better late than never. I love how my skin feels after I apply this serum. It’s light on my while making my skin feel soft and hydrated. 

It is very easy to use this product. Apply liberally  to cleaned skin on the face and neck both day and night. For optimal results, use under Freya day and night creams. I like to apply it to my face after I cleanse with the cleansing water.

Here is the list of ingredients:

  • LEXA™ Complex: Our proprietary biologically active blend, hand-extracted from pure Arctic salmon roe, LEXA™ is a powerful skin rejuvenating complex that taps into the power of stem cell technology. The complex naturally contains protein rich active aignalling substances that have the power to regenerate cells, improve skin’s natural healing properties, reduce wrinkles and dramatically improve skin elasticity. LEXA™ Complex has been shown in vitro to communicate with our own collagen producing fibroblast cells, activating them to behave like stem cells and boosting collagen production by 600%.
  • Nano-Encapsulated Marine Omega-3: Nano encapsulation allows the Omega-3’s to penetrate the skin 20 layers deep to reach cell membranes, stimulating tissue repair, reducing inflammation, improving elasticity and preventing dehydration at the cellular level.
  • Arctic Antioxidants: Norwegian Bilberry, Cloudberry and Lingonberry protect and battle against the aging effects of free radicals.
  • Milk Peptide Complex: Aids in preventing biological and environmental skin aging. 
  • Light Diffusers: Brightens skin and improves radiance.

It’s important to take care of your skin no matter what your age is. I feel you can not go wrong with any beauty products fromFreya Skin Care.Try their products today.

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