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I reviewed a key finder from Isn’t this clever. Like many women I carry a big purse. I carry stuff for myself, my husband, and my mother in law. I even have crayons for my step daughter. 

Key Finder

I love butterflies so that was the one I picked. I love this product. It’s so simple but oh so useful. I think every woman that carries a purse needs to carry one. 

I was always loosing my keys in my purse. Actually I loose everything in my purse. If I don’t have it in a little bag of some sort it’s lost in the bottom of my purse. I should organize it better.

I love that the key finder hangs on your purse like a simple decoration. No one knows that your keys are actually hooked to it. The keys are tucked safely inside your purse and easy to grab they when you need them.

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If you are ever walking to your car in the dark, or even trying to unlock your door in the dark you can now safely find your keys. 

No matter what your design tastes are, I’m sure you can find a key finder that is perfect for you. 

The company also makes a few other products as well. One of the other products they sell that I love are their Phone Pouches. They retail $9.95. I could definitely use that. I’ll have to purchase one soon.

Here is some information on the company. 

reativity is one of Sandy Stein’s strongest suits. Let me explain. She invented the Finders Key Purse (R) key finder in her kitchen after visualizing the product idea in a dream the night before. Then, in 2004, against the opposition of many professionals in the gift industry, she decided to start her own business. Within a year, Sandy sold over 1 million Finders Key Purse (R)! Throughout the years many up and coming inventors have contacted Sandy for advice and requested she carry their line of products to sell to her wholesale customers. As you can imagine, this wasn’t always feasible. Nevertheless, always a problem solver, Sandy got her creative juices flowing again and in 2010, started You can read more about the company here

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Key Finder

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  1. kim burnett says:

    I would love the Believe Cross Finders Key Purse Key Finder

  2. Silver Print Phone Pouch

  3. 19th Hole Finders Key Purse Key Finder

  4. I really like the Cross Key Finder that says BELIEVE. A really unique concept!

  5. I like the Cross Finders Key Purse Key Finder

  6. Victoria Carlson says:

    I really like the Filigree Heart Finders Key Purse Key Finder! I would pick this one if I won!

  7. I like the Filigree Heart Finders Key Purse Key Finder

  8. Laurie Emerson says:

    I like the Parrot Finders Key Purse Key Finder.

  9. Brittney House says:

    I like the Cross Finders Key Purse Key Finder.

  10. Wild Roses Finders Key Purse Key Finder

  11. I like the UCLA – Finders Key Purse

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