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Binder envelopes from Jam Paper & Envelopes are a must have.

Three Hole Punched Plastic Binder Envelopes

Jam Paper & Envelopes sells many different office supplies. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their Three Hole Punched Plastic Binder Envelopes.

My Thoughts on Three Hold Punched Plastic Binder Envelopes:

I have always loved office supplies. As a blogger I use office supplies to stay organized. It’s very important to have what I need at my finger tips. My daughter is in college and needs to stay organized as well. She has her own office supplies to stay organized with.

These binder envelopes are amazing. They fit different sized binders and have a velco closure to make sure items stay in place. I have 3 in my blogging binder. 1 has my pens/pencils, 2 have papers that I need that are not hole punched.

The binder envelopes are (8 5/8 x 11 1/2).  They are available in Pink, Teal, Lilac, and Clear. You can also buy an assortment 6 pack! With 2 Lilac, 2 Pink and 2 Teal binder envelopes! 

They are well constructed and look like they will stand up to the test of time. They are $2 a piece or $10 for the assortment pack.

I received the assortment pack to review. My favorite color is Lilac so I took those right away. My daughter loves pink so she took those 2. We each have a teal one to even it out.

Having all of your supplies organized and on hand at all times makes it easy to work anywhere. As a blogger I can work wherever I want. My daughter does homework at home, school and her boyfriend’s house. She now has everything at her fingertips.

Connect with Jam Paper & Envelopes:

To learn more about Three Hole Punched Plastic Binder Envelopes or to purchase your own check out their website. 

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