Apr 09

JoeShade Review




I had the amazing opportunity to review a portable shade umbrella from JoeShade.

About JoeShade

JoeShade® portable sun shade umbrella was invented out of our passion for youth sports and a necessity to be comfortable on the sidelines.

In 2002, while coaching little league baseball, we noticed parents and grandparents swapping turns holding beach umbrellas trying to get some shade from the blistering sun rays.  We also noticed parents taking breaks to sit in their air conditioned cars, but were missing their child’s best at-bats or game saving plays. We came up with the perfect solution — JoeShade, the portable, instant shade that keeps you cool and protected on the sidelines.

Today, over 100,000 JoeShades can be found at little league baseball games, soccer fields, corporate events and every outdoor venue.


Product Description:

JoeShade® is the original lightweight, portable UV shade umbrella! It stands freely in place, providing UV shade protection wherever you go from the sun and heat. Our shade umbrella sets up quickly on a tripod stand and stores easily in its matching carrying bag. With your JoeShade umbrella, you can keep your cool and stay protected from UV rays, or you can stay dry and wait for the clouds to roll on by. 

– Special Fabric Blocks Harmful 99.9% UVA and B harmful sunrays

– Tilt Function Allows for Protection From Multiple Angles

– Wind Vents, Broader Base and Stakes for Increased Stability

– Adjusts from 3 ft. Low to 8 ft. High for Maximum Shade

– Generous Umbrella Size Measures 60″ in Diameter

– Available in BLUE, GREEN, and now RED!

Here is a video about the umbrella.


My Review:

I was excited to review this umbrella since I need to limit my exposure to the sun. Did you know that  a lot of prescription medication has a warning label of not being in direct or artificial sunlight? Some medication make you more prone to the  suns harmful rays. You no longer have to miss out on your families fun due to the sun. 

This umbrella is great for creating shade where you need it the most. You are no longer forced to be cramped under a small area. You can see from the picture above how big the sunshade umbrella is and how much shade it creates. It also comes with a great bag to store it in. It’s easy to store in your trunk for easy access.

What makes this umbrella stand out for me is the fact that you can tilt it to block the sun. As the sun changes position all you need to do is move the umbrella a bit. Here is a picture to show what I mean.


This is great for sporting events or family picnics. Don’t forget Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both coming up. This would make a great gift.

Would you like the chance to win your own JoeShade umbrella? Be sure to enter the form below. Although they come in 3 different colors, you can not pick the color you’d like to receive.

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Hi, I’m Gina and owner of this blog. I'm married with numerous nieces and a nephews. I live in the Pittsburgh PA area. To work with me for a review for you, contact me at: gina@ginaslibrary.info


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  1. carri arrieta

    I have 5 kids that ALL participate in sports….would be great for track and cross country meets!

  2. judy sizemore

    just sitting out side with friends relaxing

  3. Natalie

    I would use this umbrella sitting in my backyard overlooking my lake in the summer.

  4. Shelton

    I would use the umbrella at the beach or at pig-pickings.

  5. Kelly D

    I would like to use this umbrella when I take my kids to the beach.

  6. Cynthia Gray

    Having outdoor Bar B Ques with my family and a ready shade to use would be wonderful.

  7. Cheryl Everitt


  8. Tabitha

    My daughter has some olympics at school.
    It’s outside and usually HOT!
    Other than that I bet my man would use it for fishing.

  9. marian boll

    When our family goes to the lake for a weekend retreat.

  10. mary ortiz

    I’d love this umbrella for sitting outdoors and reading

  11. Cindy Merrill

    i like to sit and read outside on our back porch when the weather is nice, so I need this!

  12. nancy

    reading on the beach

  13. Elizabeth Drake

    Repairing furniture!

  14. Diane

    This would be great for going camping!

  15. Rebecca B

    Beach vacations

  16. Shannon Baas

    baseball games this summer.

  17. chris hoey

    Beach vacations and adventures

  18. Susan Robbins

    For picnics at the park, this would be perfect because the UV is very strong here.

  19. Jacquelyn Cannon

    I would use it at outdoor concerts in the summer.


    I take my kids to the park often in the summer. I could Definately use it there.

  21. Sue Barney

    LOts of baseball games and I would use it while working in the garden for a close shady space to cool off 🙂

  22. Kristen

    I’d take it when we go to the river…there’s never enough shady spots!

  23. Tracy Pryor

    This would be great to use when we go fishing.

  24. Gayle J

    I would use it at a picnic at the lake

  25. Ronda Patrick

    We would use this on our campsite for lunches, dinners to protect from the sun!

  26. Debra Guillen

    I would use the umbrella when camping

  27. Minh-Hoang Tran

    Great for outdoor and blocking the sun ray.

  28. Darlene Carbajal

    When we have parties and stuff like that. 🙂

  29. xty cruz

    Id like to take this out for our family BBQ at the park

  30. Debbie

    The JoeShade umbrella is perfect for relaxing in my backyard or sitting on the beach.

  31. Janet W.

    I’d love to use this while watching my daughter play tennis and use this while at the beach!

  32. heather brothers

    going to the beach!!!

  33. Natalie Brown

    Hi! I live in Florida and umbrellas like these are great to use at the beach!! If you start to get too much sun, you can lie under the umbrella for awhile. It’s nice! Thank-you


    Would use at baseball games, and especially the beach

  35. Alex T

    This would work great for picnics in the park! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Kathleen Downes

    My son just started t-ball and it’s already getting warm here so this would be perfect!

  37. Crystal M

    I would use this umbrella for relaxing on the lake shore.

  38. Linda G.

    I would use it at the beach

  39. Jara Christensen

    I would love to use this for camping!

  40. gayle gildehaus

    We have a special park we go to in the summer to fish and play in the white sand.This would be great for that.

  41. Karen Gonyea

    This would be great for camping !!

  42. Dana

    in the backyard

  43. Candice

    Will definitely be used for fishing and football games

  44. kelly tupick

    We go up to the lake during the summer quite often and this would really come in handy on those hot blistering sunny days to help keep the sun away and to be able to sit out and relax without the harmful rays in your eyes. This would also help out from getting those nasty sunburns.

  45. Maddie K.

    I love being outside and love to read, but I have super fair skin and need to limit my sun intake so I would so use this in the back yard to read under.

  46. Lauren Olivia Wood

    I’d use it for the beach!

  47. Sarah Stonger

    I would love this for the park

  48. Bias

    A Joe Shade umbrella would be perfect for a visit to the lake!

  49. Dan D

    The beach at first, then later watching the kids at various sporting events.

  50. kendra w

    I am fortunate enough to work remotely for my job. I love to work outdoors when the weather is nice. I would use the umbrella for this.

  51. Kristin Sumner

    I would use it to go fishing or sit outside with the kids when the sun is high!

  52. candy kratzer wenzel

    We have a lot of picnic parties during the summer at friends and families homes. It would be nice to have for bright sunny days.

  53. Linda Kish

    Sitting outside by the pool and watching the dogs.

  54. ron frampton


  55. Julie Lynn Bickham

    I would use this at the beach.

  56. kathy b

    We’d use it when we go camping
    kathy b recently posted…Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbag Giveaway ends 5/8/15My Profile

  57. Jennifer Barr

    car shows

  58. Holly S.

    I would take it to the beach. Our old umbrella has a stake and it blows over constantly!

  59. Amanda Martin

    I would love to share this with my sister during our outdoor craft fairs. It would also be great for fishing and reading in the shade.

  60. Derek Timm

    I would use this up north hanging out by the lake.

  61. Anita

    I would use it at the park and beach with the kids

  62. natalie yeoman

    i would use this when i sit out by our pool in the backyard

  63. Sky Evans

    I’d use this for soccer.

  64. Della Barker

    I would use this to be able to watch my Grands play ball. I am also not allowed to be out in the sun due to a medical condition. Thank you for the chance!

  65. Julie Price

    Would love to use at the beach.

  66. krystal wethington

    I would use this when I go fishing and when I set up yard sales.

  67. Erica C.

    Would be great for the beach.

  68. Angela P.

    I would love to win this for my son! He’s 2 and has a form of albinism so he has to stay out of the sun! This would be great for him.

  69. KWND

    I would use this for camping and my kid’s sporting events.

  70. Terry Cover

    I would use this for our grand-kids soft ball and baseball games. And I mean GRAND-KIDS . The medicatons I take limit the sun and with this I woudn’t be left out a lot.

  71. Rebecca Peters

    going to kids sporting events

  72. amanda whiltey

    i would love to use this at the beach

  73. Carolyn Daley

    We would love to use this by the poolside on hot and sunny days here in Florida.

  74. Jessica Whitehouse

    We’d use this camping or swimming at the lake. It would also be nice for the front yard, so I can watch the kids playing and still sit in the shade.

  75. Patricia

    I’d love to use it at the town pool when all the shady areas are taken.

  76. Paula Michele Hafner

    I would use it at the beach or over my son’s pool.

  77. susan smoaks

    i would use this at the beach and at the soccer games.

  78. Kathy Pease

    This would be great when we go to the beach

  79. Charlene S.

    It would be great to have this summer watching t-ball games 🙂

  80. Alecia

    I would use this umbrella in my backyard while I’m reading a book and sipping on a glass of lemonade.

  81. Brian E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…we would use the JoeShade Umbrella at the beach, or at the pool !

  82. MARIA simon


  83. cassandra

    would love this to watch all the soccer games we go to 🙂 thanks for the chance!

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