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Katara Decor makes it easy to treat your special fisherman to unique jewelry with this fisherman charm.

Katara Decor, fisherman charm

Katara Decor sells different jewelry charms on Amazon. Jewelry charms are a great way to make one of a kind jewelry for yourself or a loved one. I received this fisherman charm for my husband. A good friend of ours makes jewelry and she’s going to turn it into a unique piece for him.

Unique jewelry is great to show off your own individual style and interests. You can mix and match your all of your different interests in one or two pieces of jewelry that are unique to you. What better charm bracelets are there than ones you create on your own?

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Why I love the Katara Decor fisherman charm:

My husband is obsessed with fishing, he even watches fishing shows on television. I love that it comes in a small white gift box. No extra wrapping is needed if this is a gift. When you make this into jewelry you already have the perfect storage box for it as well.

I’ve found it’s easier to find custom jewelry for women than it is for men. My husband has a few classic pieces but nothing that really screams “this is so you!”

Fishing is a sport in where they compete to have the best of the best equipment. I can’t tell you how many fishing rods and reels my husband have. You can be the envy of all your fishing buddies with one of a kind jewelry made from this dangling fisherman charm.

The charm measures 1 inch x .75 inch. I love how the fish is literally hanging on the hook of the fishing pole. This is a fun unique charm that will make a great gift for any fisherman(woman) in your life.

This would make a great unique gift for Father’s Day or for a birthday. I know my husband’s birthday is in May and this would be a great gift for him. Remind him that he’s your favorite “catch” today and forever.

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