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Our Chloe necklaces in 5 colors, our Established pendant and our Signature bar were featured this morning on GMA deals and steals!

The Chloe pendant is an enamel disc set in silver stainless steel. Letters A-Z are centered on the pendant. Available in five colors and each pendant comes on an 18″ stainless steel beaded ball chain.

The Established pendant is a custom engraved horizontal stainless steel bar on a 19″ ball chain. Available in gold and silver with your Last name and Established year.

The last name is engraved in all caps.  The signature bar is a custom name pendant engraved in a signature font and displayed on a 19″ beaded ball chain.

Regular Retail Prices $82-115

Special Good Morning America Prices: $26-32 

Click the link to purchase:  http://katefortyeightgma.com/



This is my favorite pendant they offer. It stands out and is just beautiful. I’m not into big flashy jewelry so this would be perfect for me. I love that it can be an every day piece or you can wear it when you dress up. 

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