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Are you from Pittsburgh or planning a trip to Pittsburgh? One of your must see stops is Kennywood. Kennywood is one of the oldest amusement parks, it was founded in 1898. This amusement park started out as a trolley park. 

Kennywood is an attraction that people visit every year. All of the local school districts have their school picnic at Kennywood at a reduced rate. A lot of companies also have their picnics held at the park. Kennywood is a great place for families. It is also a great place for young adults to hang out with their friends or as a date.

Palace Entertainment allowed me and my family to visit this park again this year. This year I did something different with my review. I let my daughter who is 19 and her boyfriend to go to the park and give me their review as a young adult couple. They took pictures that are not your normal everyday pictures either.

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This amusement park is a great place for a date or just a group of friends. I’ve been to Kennywood many times over many summers. When we entered the park, we approached a table which advocated for $20 cups with unlimited free refills for the entire 2015 season. Before we even entered the park, we have been in contact with nothing but nice and cheerful staff of the park. The two of us went on a Thursday. It’s best to go to the park on a weekday because the lines are much shorter and the park is overall less busy than on the weekends. Our average wait time for most rides was 10-15 minutes. Most rides we even rode in the front seat! We spent about $100 together between food and games, without the cost of tickets. That cost would be so much more if we didn’t have unlimited free refills for drinks. That $20 cup paid way beyond itself that day. So, it’s best to save about $200 to plan a trip to Kennywood. Go the Giant Eagle and save on the tickets, instead of spending full price at the gate of the park. Overall, it was a great date for my boyfriend and I. Many great memories will be made that day. 

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