Keep germs off the bottom of your purse with Key’P It up.

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Did you know that the bottom of your purse can be full of germs? Isn’t this sells a purse hanger called Key’P It up. I received was given the chance to review one.

About Isn’t this Clever:

Welcome to Isn’t This Clever! The idea for Finders Key Purse® came to owner and inventor Sandy Stein literally in a dream in which her deceased father showed her the design and told her to get out there and sell it! At the time Sandy was 52, a career flight attendant, and mother of a 10 year old boy. Her husband had been out of work and the airline industry was suffering due to 9/11. Using her natural sales ability and experience gained from selling lipstick (a side job), and her life savings, Sandy launched Finders Key Purse® in December 2004. 

Here at Isn’t This Clever/Just P.A.T., Inc. we are not a large corporation, but a family business. We are a tight-knit group of people and when you speak to any of our customer service representatives you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Friendly customer service is a must and negative attitudes are frowned upon. As you can see, at Isn’t This Clever we have high standards. 

Butterfly Key'P It Up Purse Hanger

 Product Description:

What is a Hanger?
A purse holder hook can attach to a hard surface such as a table, counter or desk. You simply place your purse straps over the bottom hook to keep it from touching the bathroom or restaurant floor. The purse hanger hook is popular because it not only keeps your bag cleaner but also makes it more accessible. Our purse hook design is really special because it also comes with a lobster clasp to attach your keys – keeping them at your fingertips as well!

Hanger Options
Isn’t This Clever offers purse hangers that are both functional and aesthetically satisfying. You may choose an elegant purse hanger featuring a beautiful peacock feather or antique circles design. We also offer purse table hangers decorated with pretty double hearts or a butterfly. No matter your particular style, you’ll have no problem finding a user-friendly personalized purse hanger that also serves as a charming purse accessory.

Your Top Choice
Isn’t This Clever takes pride in making sure that you are completely pleased with the products you purchase from us. We are confident you will find our purse hangers to be affordable, handy and striking in appearance. If you choose our popular purse hooks, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your bag clean and easily accessible again.

My Review:

I’m like most women and carry a purse everywhere. I don’t like putting it on the floor when I’m out though. This purse hanger is just the answer, I use it constantly when I’m out. When your bag is clipped to the table at a restaurant it is also easier to keep track of it and get into it with ease.

Here is a picture of the hook in action:

In Use


It’s hard to tell in this picture but my purse is off of the ground. I love the unique design of this purse hanger. It has a clip so you can add it to your keys. I personally use it on the zipper of my purse as a zipper pull. It’s like getting two products in one!

There are 5 different designs to choose from and they all retail $12.95.

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