Kinetic Sand – Butterfly Garden Set

Kinetic Sand has a great variety of sand kits perfect for any kid that loves to get creative and play with sand! This is great for sensory play and helps with fine motor skills, while allowing sand play!

Kinetic Sand - Butterfly Garden Set[tweetthis]Oh my! @ItsKineticSand Kinetic Sand has a Butterfly Garden Set Great for #Easter -Bright&Creative![/tweetthis]

My daughter loves this play sand. It’s a great magic sand obviously with some sort of bonding agent. This sand sticks together and never to you! It’s a fun mold-able sand. It never dries out and is wheat, gluten and casen free. You can build sand castles, crash’em cars, butterfly gardens and more with Kinetic Sand!

The Butterfly Garden set comes with four sand molds, a transformable sandbox, instructions and two 6oz packs of their magic sand. It is great fun! I thought it would be a good addition to my daughter’s Easter basket this year, as the colors scream spring. You can’t get much more into the Spring theme than by including Butterflies in crafts!

You can “mold flowers into the flowerpots, then mold butterflies and honey bees’ to pollinate your flowers and bring life to your garden.” I think this will be tons of fun for my daughter this Easter, so I am super excited to have it included in her basket.

Kinetic Sand is just one of Spin Master’s great brands. I happened to reach out to Spin Master in time to be a part of their spring time crafts, so we will be having more fun with them on the blog as Spring becomes more in bloom! We will be sharing more information about their Bendaroos, Kinetic Foam *NEW*, and Bunch’ems. (Don’t get these near your hair!)

We will also be having more fun with Kinetic Sand and showing you all the creative stuff we can do with Spin Master products! As you can see, I am looking forward to my Spring with Spin Master and my daughter! We are super happy to be working with them and getting artsy! There’s a Kinetic Sand giveaway with some other Spin Master toys on the blog. Visit it below!

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