KissSafe Breath Spray


KissSafe is a breath spray and oral antiseptic. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review.

KissSafe Breath Spray


About KissSafe:

KissSafe is a breath spray designed to kill germs in your mouth. It is made with natural ingredients and designed to support the mucous membrane coating and microbial deactivating actions of the formulation. 

My Thoughts:

Kissing is a something every human loves and craves. Sometimes however our breath is not the freshest it can be. Brushing your teeth and mouthwash help but sometimes you just need a little extra help. That is where KissSafe comes in. 

This breath spray can easily fit in your purse or pocket. It has a fresh minty taste and it can be used right before kissing or anytime you feel your breath/mouth is not the freshest it can be. I know there are times after I brush my teeth and use mouthwash but my mouth still doesn’t feel that fresh. This spray is just the trick for that.

Did you know that if you have bacteria in your mouth you can pass it onto your partner? Gross I know. Bacteria in your mouth is what causes cavities and cold sores. It’s very important to keep your mouth as fresh and clean as possible.

KissSafe comes in a single ($8.99), 2pk ($17.99) or 4pk ($32.99). The flavor is original peppermint. I’m not a big fan of mint but this was nice and refreshing. The mint flavor is not over powering.

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