Knee compression sleeves help relieve pain.

Knee compression sleeves are great for sports or any other pain caused by inflammation.

knee compression sleeves

The Knee compressions sleeves combine medical grade orthopedic support with Merz compressions (Germany) technology to provide pain relief and preventative maintenance for those suffering with patellofemoral pain, chronic knee pain, swollen arthritic knees, or patellar tendinitis.

Ideal for activities such as: crossfit, fitness, yoga, basketball, volleyball, MMA, soccer, football, hiking, skiing, tennis, cycling. 

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My husband and I love these Knee Compression Sleeves.

My husband and I both suffer from knee pain. Mine is from arthritis and his is from medical problems and his profession.

These knee sleeves are great for working out or just general wear. They are thin enough to fit on under your clothes. There are no snaps, buttons or zippers to worry about, they simply slip on.

We have both noticed a marked improvement on our pain level and how much easier it is for our knees to bend and more.

These reduces inflammation/swelling, stimulates blood flow, heating effect for muscular recovery. The material make up is nylon 75%, spandex 25%. They are also latex and silicone free.

Compression Knee Sleeves have three zones of graduated compression:

Upper Patella Stabilizer Zone: Graduated compression (from firm to moderate) for injury protection and muscle & continued circulation support

Pressure Relief Zone Light compression for added comfort and increased flexibility

Lower Patella Stabilizer Zone: Graduated compression (firm compression) to support and lift the patella

Some of the key features of these compression sleeves are:

• Protect your knee joint

• Reduces pain and swelling

• Reduce risk of injury

• Stimulates blood flow

• Stimulate oxygen delivery

• Faster recovery


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  1. sandi tzourellas says:

    I have seen these advertised all over the place. I always wondered if they really work. It would be nice 🙂 I think im gonna have go ahead and give it a try.

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